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5 Things The WWE Champion Does Better (& 5 Things The AEW Champion Is Better At)

Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm have been fighting each other for over a decade. Ripley is on record saying they had their first match when they were 16 in Australia. Now in their mid-20s, the two stars are champions in different promotions and have matching tattoos. The Eradicator Rhea Ripley is the women’s world champion in WWE. While Toni Storm has become an outcast and current AEW Women’s Champion. Her careers overlapped several times when both ladies competed on NXT UK.

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The duo have traded wins throughout their careers and, at one point, seemed destined to compete against each other in wrestling. However, Storm would ask for his release from WWE and move to AEW. At the same time, Ripley went to the top of the card in WWE. The women are two of the best in the world. In some cases, Rhea is ahead of Toni, while in other areas it is Toni who is beyond Rhea.

10 Rhea does it better: beating Charlotte Flair

Toni Storm Charlotte Flair Cake from WWE Smackdown

While Rhea Ripley failed in her first round with Charlotte Flair in WrestleMania 36bounced back by defeating Flair at WrestleMania 39. Her first story with Flair would see Ripley’s momentum fill, but she proved more than worthy of Flair during his last meeting.

Toni Storm would only have a storyline with Charlotte Flair in the winter of 2021. Storm would eventually be humiliated and humiliated by Flair. After meeting her, Storm would request and be granted her release from WWE.

9 Toni Does It Best: Being A Traditional Heeler

Rhea Ripley MITB

Rhea Ripley has become a dominant force on Monday Night Raw as a member of Judgment Day. However, her domination is packed with a lot of fan support and she dominates the action in the ring.

Toni Storm has adopted the traditional chicken heel while a member of The Outcasts. Storm tries to be booed by the fans and shows no bravery or honor in her matches. Storm is the traditional ’80s style heel that fans love to boo. Ripley, on the other hand, is more of a Brock Lesnar-esque heel in WWE.

8 Rhea Does It Best: Power Moves

Rhea Ripley v Toni Storm NXT UK November 28, 2018 Cropped

Rhea Ripley uses her power as her greatest asset in the ring. Her set of high-impact power moves is impressive in the ring. Her ability to dominate the competition with her power is not something fans have seen in the women’s division from such an athletic and mobile competitor. Ripley’s feats of strength appear on the WWE screen.

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His power is on full display with his Riptide finisher (more on that later). Toni Storm is 5’6 and weighs 143 pounds. She can be very physical in the ring. However, her more ground and pound offense (and hip attack) doesn’t show the same power as Rhea Ripley.

7 Toni does it better: focusing on the women’s division


While AEW’s women’s division isn’t as highly regarded as WWE’s, Toni Storm has done her best to raise the bar since her arrival. Teaming up with Saraya and Ruby Soho to create a faction of female heels has turned into an entertaining story (took a bit of time). Storm holds her title with pride and is involved in multiple storylines in All Elite Wrestling.

Rhea Ripley has found herself in many feuds with the men on WWE Monday Night Raw. Fans of her consider her a credible opponent for men, and she has spent most of her time with Dominik Mysterio. That has taken away her career in the Women’s Division.

6 Rhea Does It Best: Being The Anti-Hero


Stone Cold Steve Austin ushered in sports-entertainment love for the anti-hero during the WWE Attitude Era. Austin didn’t exactly follow the rules or pretend to be a babyface. Stone Cold Steve Austin spat at authority and did it his way. Rhea Ripley has captured that same type of spirit on WWE television.

Her anti-hero stance has made her a popular character while she is involved with a group of ruffians. On the other channel, AEW tried to turn Toni Storm and The Outcasts into a female version of D-Generation X or The Outsiders, but fans didn’t buy the anti-hero trick. This has forced Storm to go all the way in AEW.

5 Toni Does It Best: On The Mic

Toni Storm on SmackDown

While both women have improved on the mic during their current championship run, the small lead goes to Toni Storm. Ripley’s looks and character almost make her promotional ability not matter at all. However, when she gets on the mic, she can sometimes seem unsure of what she’s trying to convey to fans.

Toni Storm, on the other hand, has a cool confidence on the mic that furthers her rebellious nature. Her facial expressions and her attention to detail give her a promotional edge over her counterpart.

4 Rhea Does It Better: Character Evolution


If Toni Storm nods slightly into the mic, Rhea Ripley gets a big head start on character evolution. Ripley first appeared in WWE as a near rip off of Charlotte Flair. Today, Ripley looks the best in the business. With her strong reserve, muscular physique, leather ring outfit, and allure of hers, Rhea Ripley is absolutely original.

While Storm has shown some evolution in The Outcasts, for the most part, she’s still the same character she’s always been. He has ramped up his rebellious attitude, but it still looks like Toni WWE fans enjoyed themselves at the Mae Young Classic.

3 Toni does it best: Selling

Rhea Ripley v Toni Storm cropped

While Rhea Ripley got the nod on power moves, Toni Storm is the best seller in the ring. Part of Storm’s advantage in this comes from Ripley being so reserved. WWE has hired Ripley like a “big man” would in the 1980s. She has been almost an immovable object at times.

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By selling her size and power advantage, Ripley isn’t being asked to wobble as much as Storm. Storm has become a huge seller for the women of AEW. She has run into the ring for many of her babyfaces before cheating somehow and getting the win.

2 Rhea Does It Best: Becoming A Generational Superstar


In NXT UK, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm were ostensibly equals who would wrestle each other for the next decade. However, today Ripley has become a much bigger star. Even with both world champions in her promotions, Ripley has become a generational talent. Storm still has time to get up and potentially fight Ripley again, which she may help one day.

Storm certainly has the looks and skill set to be a bigger superstar. However, as of today, Rhea Ripley with Judgment Day is one of the hottest stars in all of pro wrestling regardless of genre.

1 Toni Does It Better: Finishing Maneuver

zero storm

Toni Storm’s Storm Zero finisher is a version of a piledriver that can be hit on any opponent. While Rhea Ripley’s Riptide can be visually impressive, it may have trouble landing on larger opponents. Storm’s finisher is sudden and vicious and, if protected, can be one of the most feared moves in the AEW locker room.

Ripley could easily move on to another finisher and use Riptide as a setup for her smaller opponents. Speaking of preparations, Storm’s hip attacks look absolutely devastating in AEW.

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