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5 Wrestlers Who Were Beloved Behind The Scenes (& 5 Who Were Notorious Troublemakers)

Like any other work place, a professional wrestling locker room also has its fair shares of ups and downs, as being a highly competitive environment, the backstage scenes in a wrestling promotion might see wrestlers either be friends or foes.

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As it happens in the ring, a wrestling locker room has seen lots of drama over the years, and while certain wrestlers managed to earn a good name for themselves among their peers, some end up with a not-so-good reputation. With that said, let’s take a look at five wrestlers who were beloved behind the screens and five who were notorious troublemakers.

10 Troublemaker – JBL Has Faced Allegations Of Hazing Multiple Co-Workers

List Includes The Likes Of The Miz, The Blue Meanie & Mauro Ranallo

Match Record

794 Wins

838 Losses

84 Draws

Career Length

17 Years

Start Year : 1992

End Year : 2009

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x1)

Intercontinental & United States Champion (x1 Each)

WWE Hall of Famer – Class Of 2020

John Bradshaw Layfield mostly played a heel character throughout his in-ring career, however, he allegedly let his on-screen character reflect in real life and found himself facing allegations of hazing several co-workers over the years.

Many wrestling personalities have claimed to be victims of JBL’s hazing, and the list includes the likes of Mauro Ranallo, Justin Roberts, The Hardy Boyz, and many more. JBL denied the allegations and claimed most of his antics were mere pranks and claimed that what he did while playing a bad guy on WWE television was misconstrued.

9 Beloved – Eddie Guerrero Was A Spiritual Guide To His Peers

Overcame His Demons To Become A Lovable Figure Backstage

Match Record

817 Wins

612 Losses

40 Draws

Career Length

19 Years

Start Year : 1986

End Year : 2005

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x1)

WCW & WWE United States Champion (x1 Each)

WWE Hall of Fame – Class Of 2006 (Posthumous Induction)

The late WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero was one of the most respected and beloved members of the WWE roster during his time with the company. While he battled some demons throughout the early stages of his career, he finally broke free and earned a very positive reputation for himself among his peers.

His spirituality was one of the main reasons behind him overcoming his struggles, and he reportedly became a guide to many wrestlers backstage. He even helped the likes of John Cena and Batista perform at a higher level and understand the business.

8 Troublemaker – Randy Orton Was Known For His Cruel Pranks & Backstage Politics

Used His Influence To Get His Way On Many Occasions

Match Record

1276 Wins

1061 Losses

72 Draws

Career Length

23 Years & Ongoing

Start Year : 2000

End Year : Still Active

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x10)

World Heavyweight Champion (x4)

Royal Rumble – 2009 & 2017

While Randy Orton might have matured over the years and earned a positive reputation among his peers at present, that wasn’t the case during his early years with the company. Wrestling fans have heard multiple stories of him playing cruel pranks on his co-workers, like shooting firecrackers on their cars, pouring tanning oil into their handbags, and many more.

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He also allegedly used his backstage influence to get his way throughout his career, and was one of the main reasons behind Mr. Kennedy getting fired in 2009.

7 Beloved – Kane Is Considered One Of The Easiest Guys To Work With

Never Found Himself In Controversy Throughout His Career

Match Record

1564 Wins

1331 Losses

118 Draws

Career Length

29 Years

Start Year : 1992

Last Match : 2018 (Yet To Announce Retirement)

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x1)

World Heavyweight Champion (x1)

WWE Hall of Fame – Class Of 2021

While Kane might be one of the most intimidating characters in WWE television, the man behind the mask has the polar opposite personality and was highly adored by his co-workers during his time as an in-ring performer.

Many of his colleagues have claimed that Kane was one of the easiest guys to work with in the ring. He never backed away from putting over other talents and always made sure to keep his opponents safe during his matches.

6 Troublemaker – Hulk Hogan Allegedly Held Many Wrestlers Back During His Time

Allegedly Used His Influence For His Own Benefit

Match Record

1574 Wins

395 Losses

135 Draws

Career Length

35 Years

Start Year : 1977

End Year : 2012

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x6)

WCW World Heavyweight Champion (x6)

WWE Hall of Fame (x2) – Classes Of 2005 & 2020

Hulk Hogan is one of the most legendary names in pro wrestling history, as he enjoyed immense success throughout his stints in WWE and WCW. His success and starpower led to him gaining considerable backstage influence over the years, which became the cause of his negative reputation among his peers.

He allegedly used his backstage influence for his own benefit without any regard for his co-workers, and many wrestlers have expressed their displeasure in working with The Immortal.

5 Beloved – Owen Hart Was Beloved For His Incredible Sense Of Humor

He’s Known For Playing Funny Pranks On His Co-workers

Match Record

1113 Wins

816 Losses

96 Draws

Career Length

16 Years

Start Year : 1983

End Year : 1999

Major Accomplishments

WWE Intercontinental Champion (x2)

WWE Tag Team Champion (x4)

King Of The Ring 1994

The late Owen Hart was one of the most beloved members of the WWE roster during his time with the company, mostly due to his ability to make his peers laugh with harmless pranks.

Some of his legendary pranks include filling Vince McMahon’s office with barn animals, pouring a liter of coke down Michael Cole’s pants, spiking Harley Race’s famous chili with three bottles of hot sauce, and even prank calling his own father. The other wrestlers always found his pranks in good spirit and held him in high regard throughout his career.

4 Troublemaker – CM Punk Had Some Trouble Co-existing With His Colleagues

Got Into Multiple Altercations With Co-Workers In AEW

Match Record

1017 Wins

688 Losses

64 Draws

Career Length

First Stint – 15 Years Second Stint – 2 Years & Ongoing

Start Year : 1999 – 1st Stint 2021 – 2nd Stint

End Year: 2014 – 1st Stint Ongoing – 2nd Stint

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x2)

World Heavyweight Champion (x3)

AEW World Champion (x2)

After being in the sidelines for seven years following his controversial exit from WWE in 2014, CM Punk returned to in-ring competition for All Elite Wrestling in 2021.

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However, controversy continued to follow him in AEW as he had multiple altercations with co-workers during his time with the company. While he got suspended with the first altercation with The Elite, the second instance with Jack Perry resulted in him getting released from the company in 2023.

3 Beloved – Diamond Dallas Page Was Beloved Both In & Out The Ring

Saved Many Lives With His DDP Yoga Program

Match Record

463 Wins

341 Losses

26 Draws

Career Length

32 Years

Start Year : 1988

End Year : 2020

Major Accomplishments

WCW World Champion (x3)

WCW United States Champion (x2)

WWE Hall of Fame – Class Of 2017

Despite entering the pro wrestling business in his 30s, Diamond Dallas Page went on to achieve tremendous success in the ring and became a 3-time world champion in WCW.

Apart from his success in the ring, he also had a good name among his co-workers behind the screens. He helped many with his DDP Yoga program and even saved the lives of fellow performers like Jake Roberts and the late Scott Hall.

2 Troublemaker – Shawn Michaels Is Known For Using His Backstage Influence To Get His Way

He Has A Long History Of Backstage Politics

Match Record

1435 Wins

583 Losses

92 Draws

Career Length

26 Years

Start Year : 1984

End Year : 2010

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x3)

World Heavyweight Champion (x1)

Royal Rumble (x2) – 1995 & 1996 WWE Hall of Fame (x2) – 2011 & 2019

Shawn Michaels emerged as one of the faces of WWE during his prime days in the company and enjoyed tremendous success in the ring, but allegedly let the success go to his head and developed an unhealthy attitude that rubbed his co-workers the wrong way.

Michaels was known for using his backstage influence to get things his way and even sabotaged multiple careers. Along with his inner circle, The Kliq, Michaels held tons of power backstage in WWE and earned multiple enemies during that time.

1 Beloved – The Undertaker Was A Highly Respected Locker Room Leader

He Was Heavily Feared But Was Respected For His Work Ethic

Match Record

1839 Wins

532 Losses

93 Draws

Career Length

33 Years

Start Year : 1987

End Year : 2020

Major Accomplishments

WWE Champion (x4)

World Heavyweight Champion (x3)

Royal Rumble 2007 WWE Hall of Fame – Class of 2022

The Undertaker was one of the most respected and feared members of the WWE locker room and was widely considered a company man among his co-workers due to his incredible work ethic.

He made sure he paid his dues to the business, and also ensured the others in the locker room did the same. He protected the Deadman character at all costs and showed tremendous loyalty to WWE, which were some of the reasons behind him earning everybody’s admiration throughout his iconic in-ring career.

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