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5 WWE Midcard Wrestlers Who Left A Lasting Impression (& 5 Who Didn’t)

Not every professional wrestler can be a main event star, as there are only so many spots available for people working at that level at one time. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t able to make an impact or an impression during their time working for WWE, as many people have been able to achieve that from a midcard position.

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Whether it’s competing for the United States and Intercontinental Championships, working in the tag team division, or being part of some memorable feuds, many midcard wrestlers are heavily respected. However, that isn’t the case for every midcard wrestler, as some simply go through their careers without making much of an impression.

10 Left An Impression: Santino Marella

Santino Marella on the ring apron

Santino Marella is a perfect example of how you don’t need to be a main event star who wins countless World titles to create an unforgettable legacy as a wrestler. Marella worked in the midcard throughout his time with WWE, often serving as a comedic act for the company.

Whether he was in working in a tag team or as a singles star Marella always captured the attention of fans. His work alongside Beth Phoenix was particularly memorable, while Marella managed to consistently entertain fans with his comedy, even if he wasn’t taken seriously at times.

9 Didn’t Leave One: Mr. Kennedy

Mr Kennedy microphone

Mr. Kennedy was an act that WWE had a lot of big plans for, and he could have created a major legacy for himself had any of them worked. He won the Money In The Bank briefcase, but then ended up losing it to Edge without cashing in, stopping him from creating a memorable moment.

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He was also supposed to be Vince McMahon’s illegitimate child, another huge opportunity that didn’t happen. In the end, Kennedy’s career was lacking in moments for fans to cling onto, as he failed to leave a long-lasting legacy with the company.

8 Left An Impression: Goldust

Goldust wearing his entrance wig

Despite his great in-ring talent and the fact he had a character that always created reactions, Goldust was never able to break out of the midcard spot on the card. However, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t make an impact during his time in the business as he is one of the most memorable wrestlers of all time.

Goldust is a future WWE Hall Of Famer, being someone who got involved in some epic moments. From brawling with Roddy Piper to his tag team run with Booker T, Goldust had some great spots. He injected a lot of charisma and personality, with this being something that fans will always recall.

7 Didn’t Leave One: Perry Saturn


Perry Saturn was a fantastic wrestler, and during his time in WCW, he got to showcase that regularly. However, that wasn’t the case as much in WWE as his spell with the company wasn’t as memorable because he didn’t make the long-term impact that people thought he would.

Things didn’t work out for him and WWE, with his moppy character being one that was seen more as a punishment than anything else. He didn’t create a major impression at that time of his career, despite the potential that he had.

6 Left An Impression: William Regal


William Regal is someone who had all the talent to progress further up the card, but that opportunity was unfortunately never provided to him. However, the Englishman certainly made an impact and left an impression on fans whether that was down to his hard-hitting wrestling style or his comedic ability.

Regal was involved in some hilarious moments such as his issues with Chris Jericho, meanwhile, his time as the King of the Ring also showcased him more aggressively and dominantly. Fans aren’t going to forget the contributions he made to the business, even though it wasn’t as a main event star.

5 Didn’t Leave One: Chuck Palumbo

Michelle McCool & Chuck Palumbo Cropped

Chuck Palumbo had a good look and was certainly the right size to be a bigger star in WWE, but he wasn’t ever able to make a major impact or climb up the card throughout his time in the business. Palumbo would ride down to the ring on his motorcycle, which certainly created a unique entrance for a midcard talent.

However, he was never involved in any storylines or angles that gave fans a reason to still think about him. Palumbo simply wasn’t able to create a lasting impression, having been forgotten by fans.

4 Left An Impression: MVP

MVP Ballin WWE

MVP was always an exciting talent that people enjoyed watching compete, and he’s someone who understood his character well and managed to make the most of it. He was a heel for the bulk of his career, and that arrogant character proved to be a hit as he was a great talker and someone who could back it up inside the ring.

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He had some great storylines involving the likes of Kane and Matt Hardy, all while creating some great catchphrases too. Even later on in his career as a manager MVP was able to create great moments as part of The Hurt Business, adding even more to his legacy.

3 Didn’t Leave One: Evan Bourne

Evan-Bourne 2009

Evan Bourne was a fantastic professional wrestler and someone that fans thought was going to be a huge star for the company at some point. His in-ring style was fantastic to watch with his high-flying moves creating some great buzz, but Bourne wasn’t able to last in the long term.

While he had the potential to be a memorable talent that’s something that didn’t end up working out. Fans have ultimately forgotten about Bourne, with his run not being a good enough one to leave a real impression.

2 Left An Impression: X-Pac

X-Pac DX Cropped

X-Pac is a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer for a reason, and that’s because he left a massive impression on fans during his career. X-Pac created a lasting legacy straight away due to his iconic victory over Razor Ramon, and that’s something that continued throughout his entire career.

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From teaming up with Kane to leading his own group in X-Factor he managed to achieve a lot. However, it was as a crucial member of D-Generation X that X-Pac truly made his name, being involved in some of the most iconic segments in wrestling history.

1 Didn’t Leave One: Sin Cara

Sin Cara WWE

WWE had huge hopes for Sin Cara, investing a lot of time and effort into his character and overall presentation. From giving him a big entrance and mood lighting, the company wanted him to be the next Rey Mysterio, and the original wrestler behind the mask, Mistico, was certainly capable of that as he’s a brilliant wrestler.

However, that didn’t work out for him, with this run ending up being a disaster for him. WWE even put a different wrestler under the mask in an attempt to salvage the situation, but that wasn’t something that worked out and his career has ultimately been forgotten about.

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