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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Would Be Better In AEW (& 5 AEW Wrestlers Who Would Be Better In WWE)

WWE and AEW have two fantastic and varied rosters, so both are thriving from the fact that they can provide such high-quality matches and storylines. However, while each wrestler is trying to stand out in their respective company, more than likely some are more suited to working for the competition.

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Trades don’t happen in professional wrestling, sadly, but there’s no doubt that there will be more people jumping between the two promotions in the years to come. Certain talents have skills that would probably work better in the other company just because of the way they’re both booked.

10 Best in AEW: Shinsuke Nakamura

shinsuke nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura has had some great moments in WWE, but most of them took place on NXT. On the main roster, he hasn’t had the same success and has been left floundering at times, which has been frustrating for fans. This is why he would be better off in AEW as there is no doubt that Tony Khan would have big plans for him.

The in-ring ability that Nakamura can provide would make him an instant hit in the eyes of AEW fans, and there are so many dream match scenarios for him. Khan would instantly give him those opportunities, so he could be of benefit.

9 Best for WWE: Ricky Starks

Ricky Stark AEW

AEW has given Ricky Starks a decent platform so far, but the company seems hesitant to really push him as one of the top tier future stars. However, he has all the personality to be one of WWE’s top superstars one day because the way he carries himself is perfect for that role.

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His promo chops and driving gimmick scream WWE, and his in-ring style would work well for the company as well. Starks has a bright future ahead of him, but it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to end up in WWE at some point.

8 Best in AEW: Ricochet

Ricochet World Cup SmackDown December 2, 2022 Trimmed

Ricochet is another talent on the WWE roster who is primarily a wrestler rather than a sports entertainer. That’s why it would be better if he was part of AEW because his style would fit better there. Ricochet thrives when he is given time to perform in the ring and show what he is capable of.

7 Best for WWE: Andrade The Idol

andrade the idol

Andrade El Ídolo’s career in AEW has certainly not gone as most people expected. His signing was something that got people excited about the potential that everyone knows he has, but AEW hasn’t managed to take him to the level that people wanted and that has led to him not being very impressive up to this point.

While that might change now that Collision has been released, El Idolo would likely be thriving if he was in WWE right now. It’s well known that Triple H is a big fan of him, as shown by booking him on NXT, and that’s why he might be a better fit with that company right now.

6 Best in AEW: Akira Tozawa

akira tozawa

Wrestling fans who have only seen Akira Tozawa probably don’t know just how talented he is in the ring because the company hasn’t used him that way for most of his career. Outside of his time in the cruiserweight division, Tozawa has mostly been used for the comic value of him, which has done him well.

However, if he could combine that personality with the opportunity to showcase his qualities in the ring, he would end up being a much bigger star. That’s something he’d probably get a chance to do in AEW, where he’d be used a lot more than he currently is.

5 Best for WWE: Lance Archer

Archer throws AEW

Lance Archer has all the tools to be a huge star in the business due to his size and in-ring ability, but AEW has failed to realize his true potential. Booking bigger monsters is something AEW doesn’t always do perfectly, but WWE is anything but.

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The company often likes to have powerful fighters that can strike fear into other people, and that’s why Archer would probably do so much better there at this stage of his career.

4 Best in AEW: Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae Raw September 26, 2022 Trimmed-1

AEW’s handling of their women’s division is something fans often complain about as the company doesn’t spend enough time on the division for most people’s liking. However, those whom Tony Khan endorses often end up with great opportunities, and Candice LeRae would likely fall into that category.

LeRae’s main roster career in WWE has been very forgettable at this point and it seems unlikely that she will be pushed as a breakout star. However, in AEW her chances would probably improve, simply because of the experience she has of her that Khan could take advantage of.

3 Best for WWE: Pink Thunder

Thunder Rosa - AEW World Women's Champion

Thunder Rosa is one of the women Tony Khan has endorsed so far in AEW, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be better off in WWE. The main reason for this is the backstage heat that the former AEW World Women’s Champion has in AEW, which she has reported on extensively.

Rosa has upset a few people and for that reason alone she might be someone who would come into WWE at this point simply to give her a new place to work.

2 Best in AEW: Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander in WWE cropped

Cedric Alexander’s WWE career has been hit or miss over the years, with times when the company has been hugely behind him and then times when he’s barely appeared. That’s one of the reasons why he would be better off in AEW because of the talent he brings.

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Alexander is a fantastic fighter and that is something that Tony Khan values ​​very much. He likes to push people who can give him the best possible matches and Alexander would give exactly that.

1 Best for WWE: Wardlow

Wardlow in AEW

Wardlow is someone that fans felt would be the next big thing in AEW as a potential main event star, but last year things went off the rails for him. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be a major player in the wrestling industry, and working for WWE is easy on the eyes.

He has similar traits to Batista early in his career and that’s the type of wrestler WWE loves to have on the roster. A powerhouse who can become a big star for the future, and the fact that he is so athletic makes him a one of a kind athlete in his class.

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