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5 Young WWE Wrestlers Who Are The Real Deal (& 5 Who Still Have A Lot To Prove)

Although WWE’s roster is packed up with wrestlers who are in their late 30s and 40s, there are still plenty of young stars and potential talents up and down the roster on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. It is easy to see that some of these young names are ready for the spotlight and are undoubtedly the real deal.

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However, there are some who have still not quite proved themselves worthy of being considered a star of the future, whether that be due to their in-ring work needing improving or their mic skills not being quite up to scratch yet. When looking at those under 30 on WWE’s roster, there is certainly a mixed bag.

10 Real Deal: Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly during their entrance

Pretty Deadly haven’t been on the main roster for very long, but Elton Prince and Kit Wilson have already made a big impression in the short time they’ve been on SmackDown. The pair have a unique charisma and infectious characters, and it has translated both in their mic work (of which they’ve had minimal) and their in-ring work.

The pair are no doubt future tag team champions and have been a breath of fresh air on the main roster despite being in their mid-twenties still. It isn’t an accident that they have already won both the NXT and NXT UK Tag Team Titles.

9 Lots To Prove: Indi Hartwell


Indi Hartwell got over well in NXT as a beloved babyface, and during her time in The Way, her character work really shone through. One place where she is still lacking though is inside the ring and putting it all together to become a total package.

Hartwell is very talented and has potential, but she still needs to prove she can hang with the wrestlers higher up on the roster. In terms of character, she can pull off a comedic storyline, as proven by her time with Dexter Lumis, but she perhaps needs to prove more that she can be intense and serious too.

8 Real Deal: Creed Brothers

creed brothers
via WWE

The Creed Brothers are one of the hottest young acts in NXT, shining with their exemplary tag team in-ring work on the developmental brand. They’ve shown traits of having far more experienced instinct than they should have at this point, and when WWE chooses to call them up to the main roster, they will have future tag team champions on their hands.

They’ve been able to work well in a variety of different feuds, proving themselves to be very well-rounded in that aspect.

7 Lots To Prove: Zoey Stark

Zoey Stark Cropped

Zoey Stark is one of the newest call-ups to WWE’s main roster, and on the plus side she has shown great intensity and a hard-hitting nature inside the ring.

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On the downside, she is still clearly not ready to stand on her own two feet when it comes to the mic. Pairing her up with Trish Stratus was a smart move, but it likely won’t be for too much longer. When this partnership ends, Stark will really have to step up to survive on the main roster.

6 Real Deal: Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller WWE

Grayson Waller already proved in NXT that he can have both standout matches and be a great character able to tell stories too.

On the main roster, he is slowly beginning to find himself and showcase just what made him one of the top heels in all of NXT when he was there. Waller has looked equal to the likes of Edge and John Cena on the mic recently, and when he gets an extended storyline and more matches, it will be easy to see that he is the real deal.

5 Lots To Prove: Aliyah


Aliyah has been in WWE for quite a long time, spending many years in developmental before finally receiving her call-up. Aside from glimpses though, Aliyah has failed to shine in WWE.

She has some potential for sure, but she still has a lot to prove when it comes to both character work, charisma, and in-ring quality. Despite a short Women’s Tag Team Championship, it feels like Aliyah has done essentially nothing in the company yet.

4 Real Deal: Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Given how good Logan Paul is and how naturally he adapted to the world of professional wrestling, it’s easy to forget that he is still in his 20s and among the youngest on WWE’s main roster.

With successful PPV matches against the likes of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, he has thrived under the spotlight. He has a natural charisma and insane in-ring work for someone who has wrestled just six matches in his whole career.

3 Lots To Prove: Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio-1

Dominik Mysterio has been a blast under his heel character, and he gets a lot of heat from the fans – more than most in fact. However, he still does have a lot to prove.

Mysterio is still sometimes unconvincing both in and out of the ring, and he has failed to have many standout matches in truth. The storyline helped to carry his WrestleMania match with his father at WrestleMania 39, but aside from that he has still looked inexperienced between the ropes.

2 Real Deal: Rhea Ripley


Rhea Ripley is one of the youngest names on the women’s roster but she is already a star. With multiple world title reigns and being among the most over wrestlers on the main roster, she is no doubt the real deal.

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It is crazy to think that Ripley is as young as she is at just 26 years of age, as she portrays experience far beyond her years.

1 Lots To Prove: Austin Theory

austin theory holding up the us title
via WWE

Austin Theory looked to be the next big thing, with Vince McMahon seeing him as a future. And it’s true, he did show a lot of potential. However, in the last two years or so he simply hasn’t improved enough to prove himself.

Theory feels unconvincing, as noted by John Cena on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, to the point where it is hard to buy into what he’s doing. If Theory is to be the real deal, he needs to find an edge.

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