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7 Canelo Alvarez Losses And Controversial Wins In Boxing


  • Despite controversies, Canelo Alvarez has achieved remarkable feats in his boxing career, becoming a four-weight world champion and a revered figure as a Mexican hero.
  • Canelo has faced difficulties against opponents who employ out-boxing strategies, utilizing quick footwork and a well-executed jab to maintain distance and accumulate points.
  • The scoring and decisions in some of Canelo’s fights have been contentious, with fans and spectators disputing the outcomes and questioning the judges’ favoritism towards Canelo.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez stands as a prospective inductee into the Hall of Fame and a revered figure in boxing. Nevertheless, his illustrious career has not been without its share of controversies. Some fans perceive him as a selective opponent chooser, a potential user of performance-enhancing drugs, and a recipient of favorable referee judgments. Despite these controversies, Canelo has achieved remarkable feats over the past decade, securing multiple impressive victories, attaining the status of a four-weight world champion, and becoming a revered figure as a Mexican hero.

However, one aspect that requires attention is his association with contentious decisions.

Canelo continues to captivate boxing enthusiasts, even in the face of occasional defeats where he entered the ring as the favored contender. Renowned for his prowess as a pressure fighter, he employs a high guard and adept head movement to unleash devastating counterpunches. Alvarez has encountered difficulties against opponents who employ a strategy of out-boxing, utilizing quick footwork and a well-executed jab to maintain distance and accumulate points.

7 15-year-old Canelo Won A Close Decision Against A Future World Champion

Alvarez Nearly Lost His Third Fight

  • Canelo turned professional at just 15 years old.
  • Alvarez’s brothers: Ramón Álvarez, Rigoberto Álvarez and Ricardo Álvarez are also pro boxers.
  • In the rematch two years later, Alvarez beat Vasquez convincingly by unanimous decision.

Miguel Vazquez made his boxing debut against none other than the future pound-for-pound great, Canelo. At the tender age of 15, Canelo faced 19-year-old Vazquez, which was his third pro fight. The bout, spanning four rounds, culminated in a split decision. Judge Juan Jose Chavez favored Canelo, scoring it 40-36, while Judge Jesus Hernandez leaned towards Vazquez with a score of 39-37.

The deadlock was broken by Judge Roberto Rodriguez Barajas, who scored the fight 39-37 in favor of Canelo, ultimately declaring the 15-year-old as the narrowly triumphant boxer on that day. Despite the decision, some spectators, including Vazquez himself, contested the outcome.

6 Canelo Alvarez Got Away With A Draw Against Jorge Juarez

A Teenage Alvarez Fought A 27-Year-Old

  • It was anticipated that Juarez would pose little challenge for Alvarez, given his track record of three victories and six losses in his nine previous bouts.

Canelo’s win streak ended when he fought Jorge Juarez in his fifth fight. In an interview with ESPN, Vasquez provided insights into his bout with the then-unknown Canelo. He described the fight as challenging, with Canelo being relatively inexperienced. The young fighter, still in his adolescence, unleashed his right hand during the fight.

“[Canelo] got tired in the second round, and I started to get my hands in there, and at the end they had to make a decision. At the time, I felt that I had won, but they called it a draw.”

Vasquez described him as a one-punch fighter, who was undeniably strong. However, fatigue set in for Alvarez in the second round, and that’s when the more experienced Vasquez began to assert himself. As the match concluded, a decision had to be made. Despite feeling like he beat Alvarez, they declared it a draw [37-39, 39-37, and 38-38.]

5 Canelo Suffers First Defeat Against Floyd Mayweather

Judge Who Scored The Fight For Alvarez Stepped Down

  • Mayweather, who was approaching 40 at the time is 13 years older than Canelo.
  • Alvarez was the underdog going into the fight.

Mayweather secured the victory in a 12-round majority decision in what most spectators saw as a one-sided fight. Judge C. J. Ross contributed a score of 114–114, resulting in a draw. Meanwhile, Judge Dave Moretti scored it 116–112, and Craig Metcalfe marked it 117–111 in favor of Mayweather. The aftermath of this fight saw the retirement of Judge C. J. Ross, prompted by widespread criticism of the scorecards, which were deemed inadequate in reflecting the clear dominance of Mayweather’s performance.

4 Erislandy Lara Has A Case For Defeating Canelo

Some Spectators Believe That Canelo Was Defeated By The Cuban

  • Alvarez was accused of avoiding the rematch.

In a closely contested and competitive bout that resulted in a split decision, Álvarez emerged victorious with two judges scoring 115–113, each in favor of one fighter, and the third judge scoring 117–111 in favor of Álvarez. The final scorecard stirred controversy, as many observers deemed it excessively wide. Álvarez held the edge in power punches, while Lara asserted dominance with his jab. The decision has remained contentious, and Lara actively sought a rematch, though it never materialized.

3 Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 1 Debate Rages On

Many Critics Believe ‘Triple G’ Was Robbed

  • The fight was for the for the unified WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, IBO, Ring magazine, and lineal middleweight championship..
  • Alvarez and Golovkin were guranteed $5 million an $3 million respectively.

In what was the biggest fight in 2017, Alvarez took on the undefeated Triple G. The majority of viewers believed that ‘Triple G’ had sufficiently earned a narrow but distinct decision victory over his formidable rival in their memorable first encounter. Golovkin outperformed Alvarez in 10 out of the 12 rounds. However, the astonishing scorecard of 118-110 in favor of Canelo by Adalaide Byrd, with Golovkin winning only two rounds, resulted in a split-decision draw. This controversial scoring intensified the animosity that characterized their feud.

2 The Triple G-Canelo Rematch Was Not Without Controversy

Many Believe Alvarez Was Defeated A Second Time By Golovkin

Originally set for May 5, 2018, the fight faced a setback in March of the same year when Álvarez failed a drug test for clenbuterol, leading to a six-month suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission. Despite the controversy, the bout eventually took place, and Álvarez secured a majority decision victory over Golovkin after 12 rounds.

Judges Dave Moretti and Steve Weisfeld scored the fight 115–113 in favor of Álvarez, while judge Glenn Fieldman scored it 114–114, resulting in a disputed outcome. Fan, pundit, and media opinions were divided, with 40 media outlets scoring in favor of Golovkin, 17 had it a draw and just two giving Alvarez the victory.

  • Alvarez defeated 40-year-old Golovkin in the trilogy bout at super-middleweight.

1 Canelo Got Schooled By Dmitry Bivol

Bivol Dominated The Fight But It Was Close On The Judges Scorecard

  • Canelo Alvarez knocked out Sergey Kovalev to win the WBO light heavyweight title in 2019.

In 2022, undefeated Dmitry Bivol emerged victorious over Alvarez, who sought to become a two-time light heavyweight champion. Despite Alvarez entering the ring as a substantial 5-1 favorite, Bivol showcased a combination of offensive and defensive prowess, ultimately securing a unanimous decision.

CompuBox statistics credited Bivol with landing 68 more punches than Alvarez, including both power punches and jabs. Notably, despite the dominant performance, Bivol needed to clinch the 12th round on two of the three scorecards to avoid a draw, once again drawing into question the judges favoring Canelo.

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