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8 Most Likable Female Managers In WWE History

Managers play a key role in professional wrestling and have the potential to add a lot of quality to a WWE storyline or a character overall. While some managers work best by being heels and trying to gain as much heat as possible, many end up being very likable and win over the hearts of fans.

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A lot of females have taken up this role, whether starting as valets or becoming full-time managers, having a woman in the corner of a wrestler is something that people enjoy. It often adds something different to the mix, which has led to some great characters being created over the years that fans have liked.

8 Carmella’s Star Started To Shine

Talent Managed: Enzo Amore & Big Cass

  • Debuted in WWE in 2013
  • Former SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • Inaugural Women’s Money In The Bank winner

When Carmella started to become a big name in WWE it was by working alongside Enzo Amore and Big Cass, with the trio being a genuine hit as part of NXT. While she’s gone on to have a great career as a singles wrestler, she was fantastic as a manager/valet for that tag team.

She was able to hold her own on the microphone, as she simply brought a different dynamic to everything that the tag team was doing. Audiences wanted more of Carmella throughout the entire run, and that allowed her to kick on as a singles act as well.

7 Sunny Always Brought A Sparkle

Talent Managed: The Bodydonnas, The Godwinns, The Smoking Gunns, Faarooq, Legion Of Doom

  • PWI Manager Of The Year (1996)
  • Two-time Slammy Award winner
  • Debuted in WWE in 1994

Sunny was a genuine star in WWE, and she was a talent that audiences loved and enjoyed watching on television. Being in a managerial role was something that suited her perfectly at a time when the company pushed women heavily due to their looks, which is something Sunny tapped into.

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She was always able to get the audience’s attention, and she helped to make the people that she managed feel more important. Sunny brought the star power of her acts up, and that was because she knew how to do the little things well at ringside, with audiences loving her work.

6 Sable Outshone Her Client

Talent Managed: Marc Mero

  • Former WWE Women’s Champion
  • Debuted at WrestleMania 12
  • Originally worked with Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Whenever WWE has to switch up plans because of a wrestler’s reaction, it showcases they’re doing something right, and that was the case with Sable. She ended up being loved by fans, becoming far more popular than the man she was managing; Marc Mero, which led to WWE turning him into a jealous character.

That only enhanced Sable’s character and made her even more popular with fans as she kicked on to become one of the biggest stars in the business at that time. She showcased great qualities and star power as a manager, and the love from the fans turned her into much more.

Talent Managed: Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Lashley

  • Currently employed by AEW
  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter – Best Gimmick (2014)
  • Cast member on “Total Divas”

Lana is a genuinely brilliant modern manager, which isn’t the easiest thing to do in a period when managers aren’t as commonly used. Her work with Rusev, in particular, showcased her skills as she cut amazing promos and elevated his character to be one of the most compelling in the business.

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While she did a lot of work as a heel, much like Sable the fans ended up loving her and cheering for her against Rusev. It led to her getting spells as a babyface as well, including the popular Rusev Day run, with Lana’s charisma and promo ability helping her become a true hit amongst audiences.

4 Lita Was An Extreme Hit

Talent Managed: Hardy Boyz, Edge

  • WWE Hall Of Famer
  • Four-time Women’s Champion
  • Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion

When fans think about Lita, they typically think of her as an in-ring performer rather than a manager. However, she was just as effective in a managerial role at times. While she was brilliant as a heel when working with Edge, before that she worked alongside The Hardy Boyz as a great babyface.

Audiences loved Lita in this role due to her risk-taking ability as she was happy to be just as extreme as the men she was managing. It led to big reactions for her as the trio connected with young audiences at the time due to the cool factor that they displayed.

3 Stacy Keibler Always Commanded Attention

Talent Managed: Dudley Boyz, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner, Test

  • WWE Hall Of Famer
  • Starred in “How I Met Your Mother”

Stacy Keibler was always a popular talent amongst fans due to her looks and personality, and that is something that helped her connect to the fans. WWE always put her in great positions, and even when she was a heel working alongside the Dudley Boyz, audiences still loved what she brought.

Keibler managed to enhance everyone that she worked with, showcasing real quality as a performer. Her work with Test was arguably her best work as a manager, with her promos and nicknames for the fans helping to turn them both into babyfaces, showcasing just how much fans loved her.

2 Chyna Was The Ninth Wonder Of The World

Talent Managed: D-Generation X

  • WWE Hall Of Famer
  • Two-time Intercontinental Champion
  • Former Women’s Champion

Chyna was a unique talent during her time in the company, with her physicality being the driving force to her character rather than an over-the-top personality or promo ability. This helped her to be a key part of D-Generation X where the group was able to become the biggest faction in WWE, with Chyna as a top star in that.

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She provided a physical approach outside the ring, and that helped to create fear in DX’s rivals while allowing her to grow her name value. Chyna was beloved by wrestling fans during that time, winning over the audience with her brilliant character.

1 Miss Elizabeth Was A Fan Favorite

Talent Managed: Randy Savage, Lex Luger

  • Former Slammy Award winner
  • Debuted in 1983

Miss Elizabeth was a true fan favorite who won the hearts and minds of professional wrestlers during her time in the business. People loved her because she was relatable, particularly during her time working alongside Randy Savage as people fell in love with them as a genuine couple.

Elizabeth brought heart and soul into everything she did, and that helped her create a real connection with fans. People felt that she was real and not just playing a character, and that unique quality is something that simply can’t be taught.

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