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8 Supporting WCW Characters Who Stole The Show

Sometimes, the best and most gripping personality (or character) is not a wrestler. Managers have traditionally taken most heat and retained it, leading to seemingly never-ending feuds. Bobby Heenan’s family chased Hulk Hogan throughout the 1980s in WWE; Jim Cornette was a thorn in the side of the Rock’n Roll Express for a decade – even Paul Heyman today creates heat for Roman Reigns while the Tribal Chief himself is largely absent from WWE TV.


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But there are also other personalities that can pop up and steal the show, from mothers to truck drivers – sometimes, it can even be wrestlers. Here then are eight examples of supporting WCW characters who stole the show without even being part of a match.

8 Brian Pillman: The Loose Cannon

Unhinged Behaviour Steals The Spotlight

  • Had Eric Bischoff fire him for real to further the storyline
  • Signed with WWE instead of returning to WCW

When the Four Horsemen were reunited in the fall of 1995, Brian Pillman became a member. Pillman had just recently turned heel and started to depict a more unhinged version of himself. As the weeks went on, his antics became more extreme and he seemingly went off script at various times, for example when he irritated Bobby Heenan enough to drop an F-Bomb on live television.


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Even after being fired and showing up in ECW, Pillman turned up in the crowd at Monday Nitro. While the angle never went anywhere (as Brian used his arranged real-life firing to move to the WWE), Pillman was nonetheless must-see TV because it truly felt like anything could happen.

7 Madusa: Throwing Out The Belt

Making A Lasting Impression Upon Debut

  • Left the WWE in November 1995 and showed up on Nitro a month later
  • Never held the WCW Women’s Title

Madusa returned to WCW after almost three years on the December 18, 1995 episode of Monday Nitro. Showing up at the commentary table, Madusa took the WWE Women’s Title belt – which was still in her possession – and threw it in the trash. The stunt created immediate interest in Madusa and a potential WCW women’s division. Unfortunately, it was going to be by far the most memorable moment of her WCW career as the women’s division never really took off.

6 Thunderbolt Patterson: If You Move

Unintentionally Hilarious Promo Becomes A Hit

  • Legendary journeyman wrestler from the 1960s until the 1980s
  • Teamed and feuded with Ole Anderson in the 1980s

During the summer of 1990, the Four Horsemen feuded with Sting and his Dudes With Attitude, which included the Steiner Brothers, Paul Orndorff and the Junkyard Dog. On July 15, the main event of a house show in Atlanta’s Omni saw Sting team up with Orndorff and the Dog against Arn Anderson, Barry Windham and Harley Race (who replaced Ric Flair). While Ole Anderson was in his men’s corner, Thunderbolt Patterson would be in the corner of the babyfaces. To hype the event, Thunderbolt cut a pre-taped promo in which he threatened Ole – in a way. He repeated the phrase ‘If you move’ over and over again without ever explaining what was going to happen. Granted, the promo flew under the radar at the time but has since become somewhat of a hidden treasure.

5 Randy Savage: Which Side Is He On?

The Real Intriguing Question At Starrcade 1994

  • debuted in WCW shortly before Starrcade 1994
  • left the WWE because he wanted to wrestle instead of doing commentary

Starrcade 1994 is somewhat infamous for its terrible main event that saw Hulk Hogan defend the WCW Title against his real-life best friend Ed Leslie, then known as The Butcher. While everybody knew that Hogan wasn’t going to lose the belt, the more intriguing question was what Randy Savage would do. The Macho Man had debuted days before the event and announced that he would either shake Hogan’s hand or slap him in the face. While it was no surprise that Savage ended up helping Hogan, it was miles more interesting than anything else at the event.


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Memorable Introduction Of Cruiserweight Battle Royal At Slamboree

  • came into his own as a heel in WCW in 1998
  • was beaten by battle royal winner Dean Malenko at Slamboree 1998

Chris Jericho’s obnoxious heel persona was some of the most entertaining gimmick work in all of wrestling in 1998. One of the highlights came at Slamboree 1998 when Jericho introduced the contenders of the Cruiserweight battle royal. The winner would face Jericho immediately afterwards. While the unmasking of Dean Malenko as Cyclope was an amazing moment, it was Jericho’s announcing that stole the show in terms of entertainment. He was the best part of a match he wasn’t even part of.

3 Ralphus: Chris Jericho’s Security

WCW Truck Driver Becomes Comedy Sensation

  • brother of referee Scott Dickinson
  • accompanied Chris Jericho and Norman Smiley in WCW

Again, Chris Jericho’s work in WCW in 1998 was outstanding. After losing the Cruiserweight Title (and winning the TV Title), Jericho began calling out World Champion Goldberg. He tried to imitate the champion and even introduced his own security: the Jerichoholic Ninja and Ralphus. The latter was a balding, toothless, unattractive WCW truck driver. While the Jerichoholic Ninja soon disappeared, Ralphus stayed around and would later form an alliance with Norman Smiley after Jericho’s departure to the WWE.

2 Judy Bagwell: The World Tag Team Champion Mom

Keeping Son Marcus Honest

  • traveled with son Marcus ‘Buff’ Bagwell
  • was fought over in a ‘Judy Bagwell on a forklift’ match

Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell had formed an entertaining alliance in 1998. In the build to a match between Scott and brother Rick at Halloween Havoc, the older Steiner brought Buff’s mom Judy to Nitro in order to read her son the riot act. Judy cut a scathing promo, telling her son that he should be ashamed for faking an injury at Fall Brawl after what her and Buff’s father had been through earlier in the year when they thought their son was paralyzed. She ended up dragging Buff out of the arena by his ear. Judy got over so well that WCW (half-heartedly) made her Rick’s tag team (champion) partner and kept bringing her back as late as August 2000.

Memorable Performance On Last Day As Booker

  • Booked himself into retirement in August 1999
  • Hated booking due to Thunder’s bi-weekly taping schedule

Kevin Nash had taken responsibilities as booker in late 1998 and held the position until Vince Russo’s hiring in October 1999. On Nash’s last show as booker, he put himself at the commentary desk on the October 14th episode of Thunder and entertained himself by making obscure references and making fun of the program. As dull as WCW in the fall of 1999 was, Kevin Nash made the episode entertaining and memorable.

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