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8 Things Fans Need To Know About Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton’s Tag Team

WCW placed together the tag team of Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton in the New World Order. Eric Bischoff wanted to continue growing the NWO as the new top act in wrestling by having more WCW names jump ship. This allowed Bagwell and Norton to form the short-lived team known as Vicious and Delicious.


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Norton being a fighting strongman and Bagwell having a cowardly gimmick known for his looks led to a fun dynamic. WCW had them teaming up against various major names feuding with the NWO like Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page and the Steiners. The tag run ended after a short tine together, but fans should know the following about Vicious and Delicious.

8 Both Wrestlers Ditched Previous Partners

WCW Ended Two Tag Teams To Form New One In NWO

  • American Males’ Successful Run Ended
  • Fire & Ice Didn’t Accomplish Much Together
  • Both New NWO Members Formed New Team

One of the most interesting tidbits about Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell forming a team is that they both ditched their previous tag partners to join the New World Order. Norton was in Fire and Ice with tag partner Ice Train before betraying him.


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Buff did the same thing to end his partnership with Scotty Riggs in the former WCW Tag Team Champions America Males. Fans were surprised to see Bagwell and Norton teaming in the NWO as Vicious and Delicious since they had just ended previous tag acts.

7 Needed New Roles In New World Order

Had To Embrace Character Changes For NWO Act

  • Rebranded Careers In NWO
  • Previous Gimmicks Were Dropped
  • Added Depth To NWO Act Growing In Size

WCW wanted a lot more members in the New World Order to help their numbers advantage in the hostile takeover. Buff Bagwell was coming off a corny babyface act in the American Males team that wasn’t getting over.

Scott Norton was most known for his strength and didn’t get to show much personality. WCW made them both play obnoxious heels that played into the NWO’s lack of respect for others. Buff and Scott each played new characters to fit into their heel group.

6 Vincent Often Managed Them

Worst Member Of NWO Was Ringside During Their Matches

Vincent nWo B Team

  • WCW Reunited Vincent & DiBiase
  • Virgil Became Security Leader Of NWO
  • Managed Various NWO Members More Than He Wrestled

Another odd member to join the New World Order around the same time as Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton was Vincent. The former WWE lackey Virgil embraced a similar role in WCW after his former boss Ted DiBiase joined the NWO.

Vincent was the new name for Virgil playing a security enforcer position in the group. This led to Virgil managing Norton and Bagwell for some of their tag matches by trying to get involved and give them the upper hand.

5 Had TV Feud With Steiner Brothers

They Were The Steiners’ Other NWO Tag Team Rival

  • Vicious & Delicious Had Secondary Team Act Behind Outsiders
  • Steiner Brothers Had TV Matches Against Them
  • Rare NWO Members That Could Lose Matches

The Steiner Brothers represented WCW in the tag team division against the New World Order. However, the Outsiders were known as the main rivals to Rick and Scott Steiner. WCW made it clear that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had the top team representing the NWO.


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Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton often teamed up against the Steiner Brothers on television with either DQ finishes or rare losses for the NWO. The Steiner Brothers needed wins to feel like a true threat to the Outsiders, and they scored a few over Vicious and Delicious.

4 Represented WCW In NWO Japan

Vicious & Delicious Took Part In A Few NJPW Tours For WCW

  • NJPW Had Their Version Of NWO
  • Vicious & Delicious Did NJPW Tours Together
  • Norton Is Considered NJPW Legend After Main Event Success

WCW had a cool idea to utilize their working relationship with New Japan by having the New World Order branch over there. The NWO Japan faction existed in NJPW with various Japanese wrestlers like The Great Muta, Masahiro Chono and many others joining.

However, there was a cool twist of WCW wrestlers coming over to represent NWO Japan and team with the Japanese contingent there. Scott Norton is among the most popular American wrestlers in NJPW history, so it only made sense for his tag team with Buff Bagwell to take part in those Japan tours.

3 Rare NWO Wrestlers That Lost Matches Early

WCW Needed Some NWO Names That Could Afford Losing Matches

  • WCW Protected NWO Members In Losses Early
  • Norton & Bagwell Were Mid-Carders
  • WCW Allowed Them To Lose Matches To Protect Bigger Members

Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton served a few different purposes in the context of storytelling within the New World Order. One underrated aspect was that they were two wrestlers that could afford taking losses without hurting the group.

NWO members typically won matches and dominated WCW talent in the early months to look unbeatable. WCW talents needed wins after a few months, so the mid-card NWO names ate some pins to keep the story going while protecting the top NWO leaders like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Kevin Nash.

2 Buff Eventually Found New NWO Partner

Scott Steiner Joining NWO Led To Changes For Bagwell & Norton

  • Steiner Joining NWO Ended Legendary Team
  • Bagwell & Steiner Became Full-Time Tag Team
  • Scott Norton Moved Down Card Without Buff

The tag team run of Vicious and Delicious ended when WCW wanted to pivot Buff Bagwell into a bigger storyline. Scott Steiner betraying his brother Rick led to a new member of the New World Order as the Steiner Brothers now had a bitter feud.

Buff ended up forming a new tag team with Scott Steiner during his feud against Rick and various WCW partners. Scott Norton usually wrestled singles lower mid-card matches or teamed with other NWO members after the tag run with Bagwell ended.

1 Reunited In 2018 With Syxx

NWO Was Indeed For Life With These Three

Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton wrestled just one match together on the same team after their time in the New World Order ended. Glory Pro is an independent promotion that decided to book a New World Order reunion in 2018.

Vicious and Delicious had Sean Waltman (formerly known as Syxx in the NWO) on their team in a trios victory over indie talents Danny Adams, Mike Outlaw and Kevin Lee Davidson. The smaller show in Illinois gave old fans of Norton and Bagwell one more chance to see them together.

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