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9 Wrestlers Bray Wyatt Surprisingly Never Faced In A Major Match

Bray Wyatt was as charismatic as they come and had a mind that created some unique and impressive things for the world of professional wrestling. Whether it was his cult-leader character with the Wyatt Family, the Deleters of Worlds with Matt Hardy, or his World Champion run as The Fiend, Wyatt was never short of interesting gimmicks, or ways to stay relevant with an ever-changing audience.


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While his wrestling career didn’t go on as long as many hoped it would, there is still a wide array of wrestlers that got to feud with Bray and have some amazing matches with the man. Today we are going to focus on the batch that had multiple encounters with the Eater of Worlds but never got that big opportunity to go one-on-one with him. Here are some of the names that might shock fans to hear Wyatt never fought them in a major match.

9 His Deleter Of Worlds Partner, Matt Hardy

They Feuded Before Teaming Together

  • Fought Multiple Times On Raw And House Shows.
  • Had An Ultimate Deletion Match On Raw.
  • Became Raw Tag Team Champions Together.

The way that the WWE does tag team splits all the time, it is surprising to see that Wyatt and Hardy never split and fought after their run as Raw Tag Team Champions. They had their fair share of matches before joining forces, but they never got the chance to continue their story past teaming together.

Matt Hardy has stated that WWE disbanded their team because he and Wyatt pitched several ideas for their characters. While it would have been amazing to see them continue, their separation gave way for The Fiend character to arrive and that easily became a career highlight for Wyatt.

8 The Other Hardy Brother, Jeff Hardy

They Never Got The Chance To Work Together

  • Both Men Teamed With Matt Hardy.
  • Jeff Made A Cameo In The Ultimate Deletion Match Between Bray And Matt.
  • There Were Rumors Of The Hardys Feuding With The Fiend.

Once again, according to Matt Hardy, there were plans for Jeff and Matt to start a feud with Bray once he debuted The Fiend. Sadly, those plans never happened. Jeff and Bray never got to spend any screen time together as they never wrestled each other and were on-screen together twice.

It seemed like another obvious match as Wyatt was feuding/teaming with Matt, but Jeff was traded from Raw to SmackDown around the time this team started to take shape. Jeff did make a small cameo in the Ultimate Deletion match between Matt and Bray, but that was pretty much the extent of their time together.

7 The Almighty, Bobby Lashley

Seeds Were Planted For WrestleMania 39


  • The Two Started A Storyline Leading To WrestleMania.
  • The Angle Was Quietly Dropped.
  • Neither Man Worked At WrestleMania 39

This one is rough as everything was in place for a match between Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt leading into WrestleMania 39. At the time, no one outside the company seemed to know why the angle and match were quietly dropped, but neither man got to appear at the Showcase of Immortals that year.

Lashley instead was positioned to win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal on SmackDown right before WrestleMania. Later reports made light that Wyatt was facing a life-threatening illness and had taken some time away, and on August 24th it was announced that Wyatt tragically passed away.

6 The Voice Of The Voiceless, CM Punk

Former New Nexus Members Never Got A Major Feud

  • Worked Together In The New Nexus.
  • CM Punk And Daniel Bryan Had A Short Feud With The Wyatt Family In 2013.
  • Worked A Six-Man Tag At Tribute To The Troops 2013.

For whatever reason, the timing just didn’t work for a feud between CM Punk and Bray Wyatt. They came close, as Punk assisted Daniel Bryan a decent amount during his feud against The Wyatt Family before Punk went on to face The Shield at TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2013.


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The story could have come easily as Wyatt, under his character Husky Harris, was a member of the New Nexus with CM Punk in charge back in 2011. The two only ever got to wrestle in multi-man tag matches on Raw and SmackDown before CM Punk left the WWE in 2014.

5 The Game, Triple H

WWE Gave Fans A Small Teaser


  • The Two Had A Stare Down After Triple H Became WWE Champion.
  • Triple H Went On To Wrestle Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, And Roman Reigns.
  • Bray Wyatt Went On To Have An On-Screen Segment With John Cena And The Rock At WrestleMania 32.

WWE decided to give fans a small teaser of a match that never happened. After the 2016 Royal Rumble, Triple H was the new WWE Champion and had many challengers for the belt, one being Bray Wyatt. They had a stare down and Wyatt pointed at the WWE title, indicating that he wanted a shot at the champion.

This never came to be as Triple H only worked a handful of matches as champion, including a title defense against Dean Ambrose, a non-title match with Dolph Ziggler, and WrestleMania 32 against Roman Reigns. Wyatt instead worked a match against Brock Lesnar at Roadblock and had a segment with The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania 32.

4 The Giant Killer, Rey Mysterio

Challenged The Fiend For The Universal Title


  • Rarely Ever Wrestled Each Other.
  • Biggest Match Was A Steel Cage Match At A House Show In Mexico.

This one was surprising for a few reasons. First, Bray Wyatt and Rey Mysterio rarely ever got the chance to work together for whatever reason, and second, the two had a Steel Cage match against each other during a house show event in Mexico City, where Mysterio challenged The Fiend for the Universal Championship.

Most of their matches were multi-man situations where Mysterio teamed with Goldust and Cody Rhodes to take on The Wyatt Family in early 2014. Other than that, they both participated in the 2011 and 2018 Royal Rumble.

3 The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles

Could Have Been A World Title Feud On SmackDown Live

  • Worked Together In Elimination Chamber 2017.
  • Had A Triple Threat Involving John Cena On SmackDown Live Right After.
  • Worked A Ton Of House Show Events.

After the chemistry the two had during their Elimination Chamber 2017 match, it seemed like a no-brainer for SmackDown Live to host a major feud between these two. That never came to be, as Wyatt lost the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33 to Randy Orton and AJ Styles started targeting the United States title.


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Turns out they did have a handful of title matches against each other but only on house shows leading up to and shortly after WrestleMania 33. The final time these two were in the ring together on television was the triple threat with Cena after Elimination Chamber.

2 The Second Son, Erick Rowan

Former Wyatt Family Member

  • Founding Member Of The Wyatt Family.
  • Was Constantly Abused By Bray.
  • Had A Couple Of Matches On SmackDown.

Erick Rowan was one of the founding members of The Wyatt Family and took a lot of abuse from the faction leader. The two would come to blows with each other in 2015, with Wyatt beating Rowan on SmackDown twice and then proceeding to work a few tags and singles matches at house show events that year.

Throughout Rowan’s time in the WWE, he was never behind a decent enough push and only ever held tag titles with Luke Harper and Daniel Bryan. Maybe a decent feud against Wyatt could have elevated him a bit more.

1 The First Son, Luke Harper

Should Have Happened At WrestleMania 33

  • The Other Founding Member Of The Wyatt Family.
  • Was SmackDown Tag Champions With Wyatt And Orton (Under Freebird Rules).
  • Wanted To Be A Part Of Wyatt Vs. Orton At WrestleMania 33.

Luke Harper was a constant presence in the career of Bray Wyatt, yet the two never had a major match against each other. There was one chance for it to happen and mean a lot, and that was WrestleMania 33. Harper was a major factor in the story between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt but was left out of the match at the big event.

Amanda Huber, Jon Huber’s wife, revealed that he believed WWE was going to add him in and make the WWE Championship match a triple threat at the show. Fans were heavily invested in Harper during this feud and wanted to see him involved, but that never came to be and a match between the two friends never happened. Rest in peace to both Jonathan Huber and Windham Rotunda.

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