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Adrien Broner’s Next Fight Set Against Blair Cobbs In May


  • Adrien Broner returns to boxing with renewed focus, aiming to prove he still belongs among the elites in the sport.
  • Blair Cobbs, fresh off a big win, prepares diligently to face the challenge of facing the seasoned veteran Broner.
  • Cobbs exudes confidence in his training, aiming to make history by being the first to stop Adrien Broner in the ring.

Former four-division world champion Adrien Broner is primed for a comeback in the boxing ring as he gears up to face Blair Cobb. While Broner has often made headlines for his activities outside of boxing, his return to the sport signifies a renewed focus on his craft after a period of inactivity.

Broner’s last few years have been marked by sporadic appearances in the ring, with only three fights to his name since 2019. His most recent bout was a matchup against attorney and journeyman Bill Hutchinson in 2023 after signing a promotional deal with Don King.

In contrast, Blair Cobbs enters this bout with momentum on his side, coming off the back of a significant victory against Maurice Hooker. The win against Hooker represented a career highlight for Cobbs, particularly after suffering his first defeat to Alexis Rocha.

Broner seeks to reignite his career and prove that he still belongs among boxing’s elite. For Cobbs, facing a seasoned veteran like Broner presents a chance to further solidify his standing in the sport.


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Blair Cobbs Gives His Verdict On Adrien Broner’s Last Performance

Cobbs is Preparing For The Best Version Of The Former Four-Divison Champion

Blair “The Flair” Cobbs, when asked about his thoughts on Adrien Broner’s last performance in the ring, responded with optimism about his own prospects. He admitted to not having seen Broner’s recent outing but expressed hope that it was impressive. Cobbs emphasized his readiness for the challenge Broner poses, declaring that he is prepared for the best version of Broner come fight night.


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Confident in his abilities, Cobbs asserted that he is diligently training to face Broner at his peak. He acknowledged the difficulty of the task ahead, recognizing Broner’s reputation as a formidable opponent. However, Cobbs exuded determination, stating his intention to make history by being the first to stop Adrien Broner in the ring.

“I think come fight night he could get up off his ass, get up off his couch and perform at his very, very best. So I’m practicing, patiently training hard to get to that point where I’m ready for the very best of Adrien Broner. Broner is not an easy task and we ain’t never saw Adrien Broner stopped until Blair ‘The Flair.’”

With his sights set on victory, Cobbs is poised to showcase his skills and make a statement in the boxing world.

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