Saturday, December 9

AEW Fans Are Convinced Britt Baker Is Dynamite’s Devil

Do you think The DMD is the one masquerading as a devil in AEW?

There’s nothing like a good tease and reveal in pro wrestling, provided whoever’s in charge pulls off the reveal part of the plan in a satisfying way. AEW is on the right path to doing that via its mystery devil angle. Someone wearing MJF’s devil mask has been popping up on AEW TV, even attacking wrestlers, and nobody knows who it is. There are a fair few theories out there suggesting who it might be under the mask, but the leading one right now appears to be that it’s Britt Baker.

Britt Baker’s Devil Horns

Baker has been a prime suspect ever since the devil angle began. Largely because the devil appears to have been helping MJF ever since the champ was left to fend for himself thanks to Adam Cole’s injury. Baker is Cole’s real-life partner and their relationship has been referenced on-screen. The angle here could be that Baker is trying to protect MJF while Cole is recovering.

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The kicker for a lot of fans this week has been Baker’s appearance in Doja Cat’s AEW crossover video. The former Women’s Champion is briefly shown and she uses her limited screen time to mime having devil horns. On top of the masked assailant seeming to be about the same size and build as The DMD, some people now believe they have cracked the case and it’s only a matter of time until Baker’s identity is revealed.

Leading Suspects

Although Baker is the new frontrunner to be revealed as the devil, she’s certainly not the only one fans suspect. Some think it might be Jack Perry. Perry has been missing from AEW since All In, suspended for whatever part he played in the altercation that got CM Punk fired. There’s also a very out-there theory that Punk is the one behind the mask. If that’s accurate, and AEW can pull off a reveal without anyone finding out, it would be one of the biggest shocks in wrestling history.

I still can’t decide who I think is behind the mask. I do think whoever it is appearing on TV each week isn’t necessarily the person who will be revealed, and that someone is standing in for whoever it’s going to be. That could well be how Cole ends up being the devil if that’s the way AEW wants to play it. If forced to pick someone, I think my guess would be Perry over Baker. The angle following it would just make more sense.

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