Wednesday, November 29

AEW fans believe Goldberg will be Sting’s mystery partner at Forbidden Door

Forbidden Door drops this Sunday, leaving AEW with a lot of work to do to fill the card at last night’s Dynamite. However, the card is very full now. There were only four games on the card at the start of this week compared to ten now. Added an AEW Women’s Title match, CM Punk got himself a match and Chris Jericho and Sting will finally compete in the same match for the first time.

A match of trios at the forbidden door

Sting has wrestled exclusively in tag team matches since signing with AEW, and that won’t change at Forbidden Door. He and Darby Allin will take on Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Minoru Suzuki in a threesome match. However, that leaves Sting and Allin short, and the couple hasn’t revealed who the third will be.


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However, AEW fans naturally have a few theories, and one of the main ones is that the third man will be Goldberg. Goldberg has been talked about working with AEW ever since he spoke out against WWE, claiming that the promotion had gone back on his word. Goldberg explained that even though his contract had expired, WWE, or more specifically Vince McMahon, had promised him a retirement match.

Could it really be Goldberg?

It seems that with all the changes in WWE management over the course of the last year, whoever is in charge of scheduling a Goldberg retirement match doesn’t like it. The Hall of Famer has made it clear that he’s been looking elsewhere for a final run, and while other promoters have claimed they’ve spoken to Goldberg about big international shows, Tony Khan has also admitted to meeting with him, saying that all went well.

Goldberg also has a couple of party connections, of course. Not only were he and Sting two of the main reasons WCW found massive success during the Monday Night War, but he and Jericho also had a memorable rivalry in the promotion at the same time. Jericho antagonized Goldberg into interacting with him despite Goldberg making it very clear that he had no interest in a match against him.

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