Thursday, November 30

AEW Fight Forever’s Leaked DLC Dates Are Inaccurate


  • AEW Fight Forever’s DLC release dates on the Nintendo store were inaccurate and no official release dates have been announced yet.
  • The roster of AEW Fight Forever has received mixed reactions, with the lack of current wrestlers being a concern for many players.
  • Only four more wrestlers have been confirmed to be added to the game via DLC, and the possibility of adding additional stars from ROH and NJPW in the future exists but is uncertain.

Right before AEW Fight Forever launched, THQ Nordic revealed a few of the wrestlers absent from its roster, and there’s a lot of them, will be added to the game via DLC. The best news coming out of that announcement was the first lot of that DLC arrived immediately as Tag Team Champions FTR were added to the game right away. However, there’s been no update on when the other two announced packs will be joining them.

Nintendo’s Dates Are Inaccurate

Fight Forever players thought that had changed recently when some dates appeared unannounced on the Nintendo store. Dates dictating when the Limitless Bunny and Hookhausen packs would be dropping. Don’t get too excited just yet, though. Although the dates are still there, as highlighted by The SmackDown Hotel, THQ Nordic has issued a statement claiming the dates were inaccurate. Neither pack has an official release date yet.

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The reactions to Fight Forever have been mixed. While the clear inspiration pulled from games like WWF No Mercy has been a hit with those who have played it, the somewhat outdated, and in a couple of cases just confusing, roster is arguably the biggest problem most have with the game at the moment. The quicker AEW can get more wrestlers added to the game so the roster is closer to the one the company has now, the better.

Four More Wrestlers To Come

Only four more wrestlers have been confirmed to be coming to Fight Forever via DLC. The Bunny and Keith Lee through The Limitless Bunny pack, and then Hook and Danhausen in the Hookhausen pack. Still missing from the game are the likes of The Acclaimed, Jamie Hayter, Toni Storm, and Samoa Joe. Kenny Omega has hinted at the possibility of adding ROH and NJPW stars in the future, but if that’s going to happen, it seems like it’s still a long way off.

It was suggested long before launch that instead of a new game every year, Fight Forever will get semi-regular updates. A decision that definitely makes sense considering how long it took to get the first game out there. That also means a roster that will presumably continue to grow over the coming months, and perhaps even years from now.

Other than the two announced packs, THQ Nordic has also confirmed Fight Forever’s Stadium Stampede is coming soon. What appears to be a battle royale mode for the game that will be added for free, but like the DLC packs, the new mode doesn’t have a release date yet.

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