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AEW’s Jim Ross Provides Health Update

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  • JR continues to update fans on his health, undergoing a procedure to remove ports from his chest as part of his healing process.
  • Despite health challenges, JR remains committed to AEW, recently signing a contract extension focused on PPV events to prioritize his well-being.
  • Fans can expect to hear JR’s familiar voice at AEW Dynasty on April 21st, as he maintains a positive outlook on his road to recovery.

Jim Ross has been dealing with several health issues throughout recent years due to his battle with skin cancer, and recently breaking his hip. But the veteran AEW commentator has now provided a fresh update on his situation.

Good Ol’ JR Updates His Fans

Despite the difficult situation he has been dealing with, JR has consistently kept his fans in the loop regarding his health, with his previous update having been a concerning one. He had revealed that his blood sugar levels had become uncontrollable, which led to him requiring daily insulin shots.

Today the AEW announcer gave his latest update from the hospital where he was getting three ports removed from his chest. JR was in good spirits about the situation, claiming it was another step in the healing process, which is good news for him overall.

JR did win his battle with skin cancer, revealing the positive news back in December 2021. Ever since then, he has been on the road to full recovery, and while that has proven to be a bumpy road for him, it is something he has remained positive about when discussing it.

JR Is Still All Elite

Even though JR’s been battling several health issues, he has continued to work as often as possible, showcasing his commitment and dedication to Tony Khan’s company. He recently made a return to the announce booth at AEW Revolution to call the final two matches of the night, which included Sting’s retirement bout.

JR turned up to that show, despite recently suffering a broken hip to ensure he was there for Sting’s curtain call, and even though his AEW contract was expiring this year fans can expect to keep hearing JR moving forward. He recently signed a one-year contract extension with the company which will extend his stay, which he claimed to be the easiest negotiation of his career.

Unlike his previous deal, this one is going to be centered around PPV events, which will take the pressure off him as he continues to focus on his general health. AEW’s next major event will be the inaugural AEW Dynasty on April 21st, which could be the next time that fans get to hear JR call a match.

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