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AEW’s Newest Signing For Full Gear Isn’t This Rumored Huge Name


  • Speculation has been swirling around the identity of the new wrestler signing with AEW, but it has been confirmed that it is not Mercedes Mone.
  • The working plan has been in place since August for AEW and Mercedes Mone to collaborate in some capacity.
  • Fans are eager to find out who the new signing will be, but it is unlikely to be big names like Will Ospreay or former WWE talent due to contract restrictions.

Yesterday, hours before AEW Dynamite went live, Tony Khan tweeted, “AEW has agreed to terms with one of the world’s best wrestlers, a pro who is known + respected by virtually every @AEW fan! They’ll come to LA to sign their contract THIS SATURDAY 11/18 on ppv at #AEWFullGear!”

Since then, speculation has been running wild about who this new signing could be. Big names like Mercedes Mone and Will Ospreay have been thrown out there, along with released WWE talent such as Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali. We now know that the biggest of those names being thrown out there isn’t the one to expect to see at Full Gear.

According to Sean Ross Sapp at Fighftul Select, Mercedes Mone is not the big signing Tony Khan is talking about. Fightful reported, “Several have stated that when asked, it was indicated that the Full Gear announcement isn’t Mercedes… The plan isn’t to announce her this weekend at AEW Full Gear, if people in the company are to be believed.”

Fightful brought up how the working plan, since August, is for AEW and Mercedes Mone to work together. Technically, Mone was already sort of in AEW once, as she was shown sitting in the stands at All In. Mone has been unable to wrestle though, since a leg injury left her in a walking boot. She was reportedly still in a boot when Wrestledream happened, but is supposedly now out of that boot. Whether that means she is ready to wrestle again wasn’t revealed. Fightful said, “There are working plans for Mercedes to work with AEW, we just haven’t heard of when.”

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Who Will Be AEW’s New Signing At Full Gear?

will ospreay pointing a finger gun

Mercedes Mone would have been the most obvious choice to be AEW’s new signing. The two want to work together and the setting of Los Angeles is perfect for someone with Mone’s fame and charisma. Unless someone is trying to swerve Fightful, who else could it be? The other big name speculated about is Will Ospreay. It’s been out there for weeks that his contract with NJPW is ending in February 2024. AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, and even WWE all want him. It’s hard to believe that New Japan would let Ospreay go to AEW now when his contract doesn’t expire for another three months.

Other names like Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali from WWE couldn’t work either. With their 90 day no-compete clause, they’re not available to sign anywhere until December. Whoever it is, hopefully it’s a wrestler who lives up to the hype, because Tony Khan is risking turning off fans with yet another disappointing announcement.

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