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Age, Height, Relationship Status & More To Know


  • Alex Pereira’s early life was marked by growing up in a challenging environment, including poverty and difficult living conditions.
  • Pereira’s career highlights include being the UFC Middleweight Champion, winning the Glory Middleweight and Light Heavyweight titles, and notable wins over Israel Adesanya, Jan Błachowicz, and Jiří Procházka.
  • Beyond his professional achievements, Pereira is known for his disciplined training regimen and philanthropic efforts, particularly in helping young people in Brazil. He also maintains a strong connection with his fans through social media engagement.

Alex Pereira, a name that resonates with fans around the globe, is a figure of fascination both inside and outside the ring. Known for his remarkable skills and impressive record, Pereira has garnered a substantial following. However, there’s more to this athlete than his professional accomplishments.

Real Name Alex Pereira
Age 36 (2024)
Date of birth 7 July 1987
Height 193 cm
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs)
Nationality Brazilian

7 Alex Pereira’s Early Life and Background

Who Is Poatan?

Born on July 7, 1987, in São Paulo, Brazil, and growing up in a challenging environment, Pereira found solace and direction in martial arts. His early life was marked by hardships, which he overcame through his dedication to the sport. This background is a crucial part of his character.

Pereira’s Early Life and Background: Challenges

  • Grew up in a Favela: Alex Pereira’s early life was marked by the challenges of growing up in a Favela in Brazil, a setting often associated with poverty and difficult living conditions.
  • Early Exposure to Alcoholism: Pereira’s environment in his youth led to him drinking at a young age, which eventually led to alcoholism, which he struggled with for a period.
  • Dropped Out of School to Work: To support himself, Pereira had to drop out of middle school and take up jobs, including working as a bricklayer’s assistant and at a tire shop.


Alex Pereira’s Ex-Girlfriend Merle Responds To His Breakup Claims

Alex Pereira and his ex-girlfriend make different claims about their split.

Pereira’s Early Life and Background: Family Facts

  • Siblings: Alex Pereira grew up with his sibling, Aline Pereira, who is also a professional kickboxer. The two share a close bond, with Aline following in Alex’s footsteps in combat sports.

  • Parents: There is limited public information about Pereira’s parents. However, despite keeping his personal life private, Alex has disclosed that he has a strong bond with his parents. His early life accounts focus more on his personal struggles and career rather than his family background.
  • Children: Pereira is a father to two sons from his previous marriage. His role as a father and his relationship with his children is a significant part of his personal life.

Note: The only formal information recorded is that his mother’s name is Maria Zilma.

6 Alex Pereira’s Current Relationship Status

Alex Pereira Has An Ex-Wife And Maybe A New Girlfriend

  • End of Relationship with Merle Christine: Pereira’s relationship with his former partner came to an end amid conflicting accounts. Pereira claimed he ended the relationship after discovering Christine was already married. This revelation led him to distance himself completely from Christine, requesting his fans do the same​​.
  • Merle Christine’s Response: Christine asserted that it was she who initiated the breakup. She expressed a desire to keep the reasons private, hinting that divulging them could lead to negative outcomes. Furthermore, she clarified that she had separated from her previous partner before starting her relationship with Pereira​​​.
  • Public Reaction to Breakup: The breakup garnered attention on social media, with Pereira and Christine unfollowing each other and removing shared photos from their accounts.

5 Alex Pereira’s A Record of Success In MMA And Kickboxing

Pereira’s Career Highlights

Pereira’s career is adorned with numerous titles and accomplishments. Known primarily for his kickboxing achievements, he has also made a significant impact in mixed martial arts (MMA). Among his notable achievements are the Glory Middleweight and Light Heavyweight titles.

Category Achievements
MMA Achievements – UFC Middleweight Champion (2022)
– Professional MMA record: 8-2-0 (as of 2023)
– Notable wins over Israel Adesanya, Jan Błachowicz, and Jiří Procházka
– Performance of the Night awards in UFC
– Transitioned from kickboxing to MMA in 2015
– Signed with Legacy Fighting Alliance in 2020
– Signed with UFC in 2021
– Known for his striking prowess and takedown defense
Kickboxing Achievements – Glory Middleweight Champion (2017)
– Glory Light Heavyweight Champion (2021)
– The first fighter to hold two belts simultaneously in history
– Professional kickboxing record: 25-3 (as of 2023)
– Notable for his rivalry with Israel Adesanya in kickboxing
– Started amateur kickboxing career in 2009
– Turned professional in 2012, debuting in Jungle Fight
– Defended Glory Middleweight title four times

4 The Foundation of His Success

Alex Pereira’s Training Regimen

Pereira is known for his disciplined approach to training, often involving intense physical workouts, strategic planning, and continuous skill development. This commitment to training is a key factor in his ability to compete at the highest levels.

3 Alex Pereira’s Philanthropic Efforts

Beyond the ring, Pereira is known for his philanthropic efforts. He often engages in community work and charity, especially focusing on helping young people in Brazil. His contributions to society reflect his understanding of his roots and his desire to give back to the community that shaped him.


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Following his win over Sean Strickland, Dricus Du Plessis is willing for a quick turnaround against Israel Adesanya at UFC 300.

2 Fan Interactions

Alex Pereira Often Connects with His Audience

Despite his focus on privacy, Pereira maintains a connection with his fans. He is active on social media platforms, where he shares insights into his training, upcoming fights, and personal reflections. This engagement builds a strong relationship with his audience, allowing them to be a part of his journey.

1 Poatan’s Next Fight

Alex Pereira Has His Eyes On The Prize

Alex Pereria Glory Kickboxing

As for the future, Alex Pereira continues to set high goals for himself. Whether it’s defending titles, exploring new challenges in MMA, or setting new records, his ambition is clear. Fans can expect to see more of his strategic fighting and ventures into new arenas of combat sports.


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Israel Adesanya responds to Dricus du Plessis with another hint that they will fight soon.

Pereira is focused on more than just the present but is also building a legacy. His story goes beyond the statistics, reflecting a journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and an unwavering spirit. As he continues to make his mark in the UFC and has teased a move to heavyweight to potentially capture a title in his third division.

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