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Age, Height, Relationship Status & More

JD McDonagh is still only fairly new to WWE’s main roster, receiving his call up from NXT last year, but he has managed to fit in well in his role, despite it not necessarily being a huge one. The longer he is on the main roster the more spotlight he will continue to be put under, and his name will become more well known.


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There are several things that fans should know about McDonagh, both inside the ring and out, such as personal details like his age, height, and relationships, but also his professional life such as his success in WWE and more.

JD McDonagh Competed In WWE’s UK Championship Tournament

He Arrived In WWE In 2017

  • McDonagh battled to become the first WWE UK Champion
  • He defeated Danny Burch in the first round
  • He lost to eventual winner Tyler Bate

JD McDonagh’s first steps in WWE came all the way back in 2017, and it is crazy to think that he has been in the company for around seven years at this point. He was first introduced to WWE fans in the WWE UK Championship Tournament, which featured many of the stars who would go on to make up the NXT UK roster.

He defeated Danny Burch in the first round of the tournament, though in the next round he would lose out to Tyler Bate – the man who would progress to the finals and defeated Pete Dunne to win the entire thing.

JD McDonagh Was Named In The Speaking Out Movement

There Were Allegations Against Him

  • In 2020, many victims spoke out about abuse in the industry
  • McDonagh was one of the named accused
  • He was suspended by Progress Wrestling

It hasn’t been all positive for JD McDonagh in both his professional and private life. It is important to note that during the Speaking Out Movement during the pandemic, McDonagh was one of those who received allegations. Pictures were shared online by a former partner, claiming that he had abused her. WWE investigated the matter, and whilst he received no punishment, he was suspended by Progress, somewhere he also competed at the time. McDonagh would always deny the allegations made against him. He would make this statement on Twitter (h/t WrestlingInc).

“I didn’t even want to address the hurtful allegation made against me, but for the sake of my followers and friends on this platform that may for whatever reason be unsure, I’m going to address this once. The recent allegation made against me is completely and utterly false and I deny it entirely. This is a case of a malicious personal agenda being executed against me on the back of a very brave telling of true experiences by other women. I completely denounce it. This is all I will say on the matter, and I am now working with a legal team to help decide how to proceed from here.”

JD McDonagh Was Formerly Jordan Devlin

WWE Changed His Name

  • He was Jordan Devlin on the independents
  • He retained this name when signing with WWE
  • He received a repackaging in NXT

On the independent scene and in NXT UK, JD McDonagh used to wrestle under the name of Jordan Devlin, which is real name outside of the ring. This came at a time when WWE was renaming and repackaging multiple superstars in order to own the rights to their names.

The “JD” in his new name is in reference to his former ring name, with WWE adding the “McDonagh” as his new surname.

JD McDonagh’s Finisher Is The Devil Inside

He Uses A Back Drop Driver

  • McDonagh has had the same finisher since 2006
  • The name was changed for the finisher
  • He has used some other finishers

JD McDonagh doesn’t win a whole load of matches anymore in WWE, often being used as the Judgment Day’s fall guy, but on the occasion that he does win a match, he uses the same finisher he has had for quite some time, which is called the Devil Inside. This is a play on words with his former ring name of course being “Devlin”.


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The Devil Inside is a Backdrop Driver, and he has used to to put away several opponents during his time both in and out of WWE. His other finishers over the years have included a Package Piledriver, Fireman’s Carry to an Emerald Flowsion, and Ireland’s Call.

JD McDonagh’s Relationship Status

He Is In A Relationship

  • He has been in a relationship for at least a few years
  • There were internet stories of a relationship with another wrestler
  • There isn’t a whole load out there about McDonagh’s love life

Although some internet rumors and sites place JD McDonagh in a relationship with fellow Irish professional wrestler Session Moth Martina, this doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not any longer.

For a few years, McDonagh has posted several images with someone who looks to be his partner on social media, though with no tagging or names, McDonagh has still kept things relatively private. McDonagh is certainly not as open or detailed as other wrestlers when it comes to his relationship status.

JD McDonagh Is A Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion

He Was The Longest Reigning Titleholder

Date Won


Days Held

Successful Defenses

January 25, 2020

Worlds Collide 2020



Although he has yet to find too much success on the main roster, JD McDonagh was a champion during his time in NXT. His first title win came at the 2020 Worlds Collide event where he defeated Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Travis Banks, and Champion Angel Garza to become the new WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion, taking the belt to NXT UK.

However, the pandemic would hit and McDonagh was unable to defend the gold, which led to his reign lasting an astonishing 428 days. In the meantime, WWE crowned a new interim champion in Santos Escobar. The two would eventually have a unification ladder match, which was won by Escobar.

JD McDonagh Is A Member Of The Judgment Day

He Joined The Group Last Year

  • He was mentored by Finn Balor
  • Other members weren’t too happy with his involvement
  • He was eventually accepted into the group

In 2023, JD McDonagh was called up to the WWE main roster, and he was presented as a protege to Finn Balor, who is a member of the Judgment Day. He was on the periphery of the group for some time with other members skeptical, but eventually he was welcomed into the faction.

McDonagh became an official member in November 2023, and competed alongside the group inside WarGames. McDonagh has been a member of The Judgment Day ever since alongside Finn Balor, Damien Priest, Rhea Rhipley, and Dominik Mysterio.

JD McDonagh Is 33 Years Of Age

He Still Has Many Years Left

Date Of Birth

Place Of Birth

March 15, 1990

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

JD McDonagh may have been in WWE for several years and on the independent wrestling scene for many years prior to that too, but he is still just in his early 30s, at 33 years of age.


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McDonagh still has many years left in the ring, especially with the average age of rosters being older nowadays too.

JD McDonagh Is 5’10” In Height

McDonagh Isn’t Among The Tallent On WWE’s Roster

Billed Height

Billed Weight

5 foot 10 inches

180 lbs

JD McDonagh has a lot of talent in the ring, but he isn’t as tall as some of the larger than life wrestlers on WWE’s roster. He still has a decent height at 5’10, but he is certainly on the smaller side of the WWE men’s roster.

He competed for and held the Cruiserweight Championship in WWE previously, which shows his size compared to others in WWE.

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