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Age, Height, Relationship Status & Other Things To Know About Her

In the past two decades, WWE has actively recruited many Japanese wrestlers, owing to the success of NJPW. Whether male wrestlers or female wrestlers, WWE has hired some bright talents from the island country, and one of them is IYO SKY.


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Like Asuka, IYO SKY became popular with WWE fans in NXT and is now the current WWE Women’s Champion. Both as a heel and babyface, IYO SKY has been phenomenal. The fans have already seen her brilliant work in the ring, but the following are some real-life facts about the Japanese Superstar.


IYO SKY had an amazing 2023. She cashed in her Money In The Bank contract and became WWE Women’s Champion. As of writing, she has held the title for nearly 200 days. Now in 2024, there is much more on the horizon for the former NXT Women’s Champion. As a member of Damage Ctrl, she has skyrocketed in popularity. For years, she has been one of the very best professional wrestlers in the world. SKY has done great, however, there is a lot that fans might not know about the reigning WWE Women’s Champion. Let’s learn more about IYO SKY here.

9 IYO SKY’s Real Name Is Masami Odate

She Also Used The Ring Name Io Shirai

  • SKY formerly used the name Io Shirai in WWE.
  • When she returned to the company, she was renamed IYO SKY.
  • Her real name is Masami Odate.

It isn’t too uncommon for wrestlers to use ring names. While some wrestlers do use their real names, most don’t. WWE being a massive company loves to use the ring names of most performers. IYO ‘s real name is Masami Odate. which is far different from her ring name. When she returned to WWE, she changed her name from Io Shirai to IYO SKY.

8 IYO SKY’s Sister Is Also In The Wrestling Business

They Wrestled Together On Independent Scene

iyo sky and mio shirai

  • Mio Shirai made her debut in 2007.
  • She wrestled in AJPW.
  • She held numerous titles while wrestling in Japan.

IYO SKY has an elder sister, who is part of the wrestling business. She goes by the name Mio Shirai. While Mio Shirai was also a wrestler, she retired back in 2015. She currently works as a wrestling referee for different promotions. Unlike her sister, Mio Shirai has never been in a WWE ring. Both the sisters worked together as a tag team and even won titles in the independent circuit.

7 IYO SKY Is One Of Company’s Shortest Wrestlers

Official Height: 5’1″

  • SKY is one of WWE’s shortest wrestlers.
  • In 2023, she won the WWE Women’s Championship.
  • Since her return, she has been a member of Damage Ctrl.

At 5’1, IYO SKY is one of the most impressive wrestlers on WWE’s main roster at the moment. While she is one of the shorter wrestlers in the company’s women’s division, she has more than proven that she can go toe-to-toe with WWE’s best superstars there.

Her billed weight is around 120 pounds. However, IYO SKY is still taller than the likes of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

6 IYO SKY Wrestled In The Independent Circuit For A Decade

She Won Championships Around The World

Io Shirai Stardom champ

  • IYO SKY was a highly accomplished name prior to signing with WWE.
  • She was a multi-time champion in World Wonder Ring Stardom.
  • SKY wrestled throughout Japan and Mexico.

IYO SKY officially signed for WWE in 2017, but she was already an accomplished wrestler in other promotions. As a matter of fact, SKY debuted as a wrestler back in 2007, and she already had 10 years of experience as a professional wrestler. She chased the dream of being a wrestler right after completing her school life.


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She primarily wrestled in the indies of Japan and Mexico. Among Japanese promotions, IYO SKY made a name for herself in Stardom, where she ended up having a long and successful career. She not only won several titles in Stardom but also became the face of the company. She had a number of five-star matches against different opponents there.

5 IYO SKY Is 33 Years Old

She Has Been Wrestling Since She Was 17

  • SKY began wrestling when she was a teenager.
  • She was 27 when she signed with WWE.
  • SKY is a former NXT Women’s Champion.

As IYO SKY made her pro debut in 2007, she started wrestling when she was still a teenager. And when she signed for WWE, she was 27-year-old. After spending four years in NXT, IYO SKY is currently 31-years-old.

In her long tenure in the developmental brand, she has won everything there. While she has won the NXT Women’s Championship, she has also won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. SKY has since made her main roster debut as a member of Damage CTRL. It has brought her immense success, with WWE Women’s Tag Team Title reigns and as WWE Women’s Champion.

4 IYO SKY Competed In Mae Young Classic

Wrestled Toni Storm In 2018 Finals Of The Tournament

  • The Mae Young Classic happened twice in WWE.
  • SKY wreslted names like Xia Brookside, Deonna Purrazzo, and Rhea Ripley.
  • She was the runner-up in 2018.

After signing for WWE, Io Shirai competed in the second edition of the Mae Young Classic in 2018. Although it was her first Mae Young Classic tournament, she gave a stellar performance to reach the final.


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SKY beat Xia Brookside in the first round of the tournament, making it her first match in WWE. She further pinned Zeuxis and Deonna Purrazzo, before beating a tournament favorite in Rhea Ripley in the final four of the tournament. However, she failed to beat Toni Storm in the finals and ended up being the runner-up of the tournament.

3 IYO SKY’s WWE Debut Got Delayed Due To Health Conditions

Neck And Heart Issues Prevented Her Initial Signing

Io Shirai NXT Women's champ

  • WWE almost signed SKY in 2017.
  • Later on, she signed with WWE.
  • She was wrestling for Stardom prior to joining WWE.

When WWE signed IYO SKY in 2017, she was expected to make her debut considering she already had years of experience in the ring. After signing her, WWE nullified the contract after finding out about her pre-existing neck and heart issues.

A few months later, WWE approached IYO SKY once again, offering her a WWE contract. She signed for WWE, while she also left Stardom.

Professional Debut

March 4, 2007

Notable Accomplishments

SWA World Champion, NXT Women’s Champion, WWE Women’s Champion, World of Stardom Champion


Damage Ctrl

2 Hiroshi Tanahashi Is Her Favorite Wrestler

The “Ace” Of NJPW Is A Multi-Time World Champion

Hiroshi Tanahashi

  • Tanahashi began wrestling in 1999.
  • He is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Intercontinental Champion, IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, and three-time G1 Climax winner.
  • Tanahashi serves as the President of NJPW.

Every wrestler has a particular wrestling hero, who inspires him or her to be a professional wrestler. As IYO SKY is Japanese and has grown up watching Japanese promotions, a Japanese legend is her idol.


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Hiroshi Tanahashi, who is considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of any era, is the favorite wrestler of the former NXT Women’s Champion. Being an iconic name in NJPW, Tanahashi has won the IGPW Heavyweight Championship a record eight times in his career.

1 IYO SKY Is Single

Iyo Sky Is Not In A Public Relationship At This Time

Bianca Belair v Iyo Sky SummerSlam 2023 Cropped

  • It was previously assumed that she was engaged to Evil.
  • She dated Nosawa Rongai.
  • IYO SKY is assumed to be single.

It’s common to see wrestlers dating other wrestlers. At the moment however, it seems that Iyo SKY is not in any public relationship, or is single. Formerly, she was allegedly engaged to Evil, who is a wrestler in NJPW. Evil is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

Before Evil, Io Shirai was in a relationship with another professional wrestler, Nosawa Rongai.

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