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Age, Height, Wife, Finisher & More

CM Punk is both one of the most popular and one of the more controversial wrestlers to have stepped into a professional wrestling ring. Punk has had countless show-stealers, been involved in thrilling stories, and also had his hand in more than one controversy here and there throughout his career.


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Either way, many fans still love Punk and there is plenty that fans should know about him, both inside of the ring and outside of the ring. Punk’s professional wrestling career has been notable, but he has also done stuff away from the industry too that people should know about.

10 CM Punk Is Straight Edge

Punk Does Not Drink, Smoke, Or Do Drugs

  • CM Punk’s straight edge lifestyle played into WWE storylines
  • Punk has a pepsi tattoo
  • Punk has several other “straight edge” tattoos

Both in his personal life and on-screen in wrestling, CM Punk has always portrayed a straight edge lifestyle, not touching drinks or drugs. This led to him leading the Straight Edge Society in WWE, and it also played into storylines with the likes of both Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho too.

It is hard to ignore that CM Punk is covered in tattoos, and these include the Pepsi logo to represent that he likes Pepsi and not alcohol, and of course the words of “Straight Edge” across his torso. The “X” symbol that he often makes and is on his wrist tape also symbolizes a straight edge lifestyle.

9 The Meaning Of The CM Punk Name

There Has Been Debate Over What “CM” Means

  • His real name is Phil Brooks
  • Punk first claimed “CM” was “Chick Magnet”
  • There is no real meaning to “CM”

It is often interesting to see where wrestling ring names came from, and CM Punk is one of the more intriguing. Punk initially revealed that the “CM” stood for “Chick Magnet”, but he backtracked on that and claimed it had no meaning.

Many fans lean on “Chicago Made” being the meaning given that he is such a hero of the Chicago area, though Punk has offered out other alternatives over the years such as Cookie Monster, Charles Manson, and several more. Fans may never truly know the actual meaning behind it.

8 CM Punk Walked Out Of WWE In 2014

Punk Was Frustrated And Left The Company

  • Amidst injuries and frustrations, CM Punk walked out of the WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble
  • Punk was suspended after walking out
  • Punk reappeared on WWE programming for the WWE Backstage show

After spending many years in WWE where he steadily climbed the ranks to become a defined multi-time world champion and super popular superstar, both creative issues and a build up of alleged ignored injuries led to him growing extremely frustrated. Following the 2014 Royal Rumble event, a tired and worn Punk walked out of WWE in a big controversy.

The relationship between both sides deteriorated, with WWE often calling out Punk for quitting over the years on TV. Punk also bad-mouthed WWE in podcasts and interviews, claiming that he would “never ever” go back.

7 CM Punk Competed In The UFC Among Other Ventures

Punk Did A Lot During His Time Away

  • Punk entered the acting world
  • He struggled in the UFC when giving it a go as a fighter
  • He entered the world of comic books

CM Punk spent seven years away from the professional wrestling ring, and in that time he put his foot into several different things. For instance, he did some acting work, competed in the UFC, and also part-wrote a Marvel comic.


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His most notable venture was in the UFC where he lost twice in quick and decisive fashion (though his second loss was overturned due to his opponent testing positive for marijuana, so it wasn’t all bad for Punk’s UFC record).

6 The Brawl Out & Brawl In Controversies Led To CM Punk Leaving AEW

CM Punk’s Press Conference Tirade Was The Beginning Of The End

  • Punk had issues with The Elite members
  • Punk’s AEW return led to tension in the company
  • A backstage fight with Jack Perry led to his termination

CM Punk returned to pro wrestling in 2021 to AEW in what felt like a fairytale for a while, especially with fans loving him and some great matches and storylines. However, growing frustrations with alleged leaks to the media and bad blood with The Elite led to the “Brawl Out” incident. Punk went on a tirade at a media scrum and sparked a backstage brawl.

Punk would eventually return to action, getting his own show in Collision, but backstage politics created a toxic atmosphere, and Punk would eventually get into another fight with Jack Perry, with this one leading to his firing from the company.

5 CM Punk Returned To WWE In 2023

Punk Emerged At Survivor Series 2023

  • After nearly a decade, Punk and WWE came to terms on his comeback
  • Punk wrestled his first match at Madison Square Garden
  • He was injured in his first televised match

After leaving AEW, CM Punk signed with WWE and he returned at the 2023 Survivor Series PLE to a massive ovation. His arrival proved to be a big social media hit, with WWE fans happy to see him finally back.

Punk set his sights on finally main-eventing WrestleMania, though he picked up a torn triceps injury in his on-screen return at the Royal Rumble, ruling him out of action for several months.

4 CM Punk’s Finisher Is The GTS

Punk Also Uses The Anaconda Vice

  • CM Punk has one of the more well-known finishers, known as the Go To Sleep
  • His submission move to finish opponents in the Anaconda Vice
  • KENTA made the GTS famous, and Punk adopted it

CM Punk is renowned for being one of the best in-ring talents over the last couple of decades, and his move-set is one which is also very recognisable. His finishing move is the GTS, which sees him lift his opponent in a fireman’s carry, dropping them down and kneeing them in the face.

Many fans attribute the GTS to KENTA, though it is Punk who is the most high-profile individual to use this move. Punk has also finished off opponents over the years with the Anaconda Vice and the Pepsi Plunge.

3 CM Punk Is 45 Years Of Age

CM Punk Is No Longer A Spring Chicken

Date Of Birth

Place Of Birth

October 26, 1978

Chicago, Illinois, US

Making his professional wrestling debut all the way back in 1997, CM Punk is a nearly three-decade veteran of the business. He debuted at 18, starting out a long career in wrestling.

He is now 45 years of age and on his way to 50, putting him among the more experienced names on the WWE roster today. With seven years out of the ring, Punk showed no ring-rust when he came back to AEW in 2021.

Punk Is Decent Height For A Pro Wrestler

Billed Height

Billed Weight

6 foot 2 inches

218 lbs

CM Punk is one of those who rose to glory in WWE despite not fitting WWE’s bill of a star. He wasn’t a powerhouse with a body chiseled from stone, though he wasn’t as “small” as WWE sometimes made out.


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Punk is billed at 6 foot 2, which isn’t exactly short. It may not be as tall as the likes of The Undertaker, but Punk certainly had the height to stand face to face with many of his counterparts in WWE.

1 CM Punk Is Married To AJ Lee

Punk Is Married To A Former Wrestler

  • CM Punk & AJ Lee were both involved in a storyline
  • Punk & Lee married in 2014
  • Punk was fired from WWE on his wedding day

There are many relationships between professional wrestlers across the industry, and one of those is between CM Punk and former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. The pair were initially involved in an on-screen WWE storyline, eventually getting together in real life.

They married in 2014, after Punk walked out of WWE, and on their wedding day Punk was officially fired from WWE. They have remained together ever since, entering their 10th year of marriage this year.

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