Friday, February 23

AJ Styles Returns On SmackDown, But Attacks Unsuspecting Star


  • AJ Styles returns to WWE and stuns the crowd by attacking both The Bloodline and teammate LA Knight, leaving everyone confused.
  • The live crowd quickly turned against Styles, booing him despite his popularity, possibly setting up a feud with fan-favorite Knight.
  • WWE is setting up a complex storyline where Styles’ motives are unclear, teasing upcoming twists in the narrative involving Styles, Knight, Orton, and Reigns.

AJ Styles made his return to WWE on Friday night, but his return took a shocking twist as he started out by fighting against The Bloodline, but then absolutely blasted one of the biggest babyfaces in the company. It was a moment of intriguing and confusion as the WWE Universe went from thrilled to confused in a matter of seconds.

WWE closed the episode with a cliffhanger ending. Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso delivered a strong match, and in the closing moments, Solo Sikoa attempting to intervene. His efforts were thwarted by LA Knight. Orton swiftly capitalized with an RKO for the victory. As Roman Reigns led The Bloodline in attacking Knight and Orton, the unexpected entrance of AJ Styles shifted the dynamics. Styles executed a Phenomenal Forearm and joined forces with Orton and Knight to clear the ring.


Why The Phenomenal Forearm Is AJ Styles’ Best Finisher (& Why It’s The Styles Clash)

AJ Styles is one of the most talented wrestlers to ever compete in WWE, and his signature moves are a testament to his raw skill.

However, in a surprising turn, Styles inexplicably clotheslined Knight while trash-talking the heels with the other babyfaces. Leaving everyone bewildered, Styles walked past The Bloodline without explanation. Orton, while surprised, appeared unfazed, and Knight was left in confusion. The Bloodline, equally shocked, couldn’t comprehend Styles’ actions, questioning why he attacked both them and a teammate he was seemingly defending.

The live crowd started extremely happy to see Styles. When he hit Knight, the crowd turned quickly. Even though it’s not clear if Styles is a heel, he was booed as though he was. That’s understandable considering the popularity of Knight amongst the fan base.

Styles looked to be in great shape and a match between these two will undoubtedly be entertaining.

What Storyline Is WWE Setting Up Between Styles and LA Knight?

WWE is evidently laying the groundwork for a Knight vs. Styles feud and an Orton vs. Reigns showdown. The intriguing twist hints at a complex storyline where Styles, despite targeting a top babyface, doesn’t necessarily become a full-fledged heel. The closing scene left all involved parties puzzled, emphasizing the enigmatic nature of Styles’ motives and the impending twists in the evolving narrative.

These are sure to be questions WWE will try to answer next week.

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