Thursday, April 18

Alex Pereira Slams Jamahal Hill Ahead Of UFC 300, Claims He Isn’t Top Three In The Division


  • Pereira doubts Hill’s talent, ranking him as fourth in the division, preferring to face him before moving up to light heavyweight.
  • Pereira questions Hill’s readiness for their fight due to a recent injury, but respects his decision to accept the match on short notice.
  • Poatan aims to prove himself against Ankalaev to silence critics and showcase his skills, especially in grappling, after capturing the title.

Alex Pereira revealed that he is not impressed by Jamahal Hill’s skillset and doesn’t perceive him as a top-three fighter in the light heavyweight division. Hill went on a three-fight win streak with ‘Sweet Dream’ putting all three opponents to sleep, getting fight bonuses with each victory. The run earned him a title shot against Poatan’s mentor Glover Teixeira.

The 32-year-old won the fight by unanimous decision and picked up another Fight of the Night bonus. Pereira, who was present when his mentor lost, stared down Hill, seemingly acknowledging the pair would one day clash. The Brazilian went up in weight and defeated Jan Błachowicz in a title eliminator and went on to knock out Jiří Procházka to capture the vacant title.

Alex Pereira Explains Why He Doesn’t Rate Jamahal Hill Among The Division’s Best

Poatan Made It Clear He Isn’t Over Looking The Challenger

Poatan appeared on The MMA Hour on Wednesday to discuss his upcoming bout with Hill. When asked about Hill’s standing in the division, Poatan replied in Portuguese that Hill is not second, but perhaps fourth in talent. He expressed his preference for facing Hill among other contenders before his eventual move to light heavyweight.

“He’s not in second. I don’t know which position I’d put him in, but at least fourth. … If I were to move up to light heavyweight today and had to make my debut and there’s Jamahal Hill, Jan Blachowicz, and Jiri Prochazka, and I had to choose the best fight for me out of those three, I’d choose Jamahal.”

Pereira acknowledged Hill’s recent injury but indicated he had doubts about Hill’s readiness for the fight on May 4, especially with the shortened preparation time due to UFC 300. However, he respected Hill’s decision to accept the fight and expressed readiness to face him.

Poatan refrained from predicting the outcome of the fight but exuded confidence. He emphasized his desire to emerge victorious while acknowledging the uncertainty of fight outcomes and the importance of accepting reality in the sport.

“I want to come out of there with the victory, of course. All the fights, if you ask me, I don’t know how it’s going to be if it’s a decision, if it’s a knockout, if I’m going to win. I want to win, right? Everybody had their own way of talking, like there’s no other reality. In fighting, you either lose or win, and I know that.”

Periera Wants Magomed Ankalaev Next

Poatan Wants To Silence His Critics

Pereira mentioned Magomed Ankalaev as someone he’s interested in facing to quiet critics and skeptics. He expressed a desire to prove his skills, particularly on the ground, to specialists who may doubt him.

Ankalaev is on a 12-fight unbeaten streak, with his latest win being a knockout triumph over Johnny Walker. His vacant title fight against Błachowicz ended in a split draw, which led to Poatan’s opportunity to capture the UFC belt.

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