Wednesday, November 29

Amidst Scooter Braun Controversy, Hailey Bieber Takes Control Of Justin Bieber’s Business Affairs

As they aim to secure the position of Hollywood’s ultimate ‘power couple,’ Hailey Bieber has taken a pivotal role in overseeing all business-related matters for her husband, Justin Bieber. According to a source who informed Page Six, the supermodel has taken a strong hold on his business affairs. The source revealed that she is deeply engaged in all official discussions.

As per the insider, Hailey has emerged as the guiding “voice” behind his company, especially amidst swirling speculations of Justin’s separation from his longstanding collaborator, Scooter Braun. Speaking of the dynamic duo, the source also highlighted that, five years into their marriage, they are poised to ascend as the foremost “power couple” in the industry.

Hailey Bieber has taken a position of authority and active involvement in managing Justin Bieber’s business matters, according to information shared by an inside source. This role entails her participation in various meetings and her vocal representation on his behalf. The source highlighted her substantial influence by stating, “She’s the voice.”

Furthermore, the insider emphasized that the couple is solidifying their status as a power couple. Hailey’s significant contributions are playing a pivotal role in Justin’s ventures, demonstrating that she is a substantial part of all his endeavors.

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