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Andrade Reportedly Leaving AEW Immediately Following World’s End PPV


  • Andrade El Idolo is expected to conclude his time with AEW at the World’s End event tonight.
  • There are speculations that he might be heading back to WWE, potentially as soon as the Day 1 RAW.
  • Andrade’s return to WWE could see improved booking and opportunities for success under Triple H’s creative direction.

According to sources from WrestlePurists, there’s a strong expectation within AEW that Andrade El Idolo will conclude his stint with the company at World’s End on Saturday night, with a potential return to WWE on the horizon. Some speculate that this move back to WWE might transpire as early as the Day 1 RAW event. Others wonder if this is the superstar returning that was a former champion Triple H might have been teasing in a recent tweet.

While it’s acknowledged that Andrade’s time with AEW didn’t see significant momentum, recent reports suggest he might be on the verge of departure. A WWE source is reportedly aware of these talks and anticipates Andrade’s imminent return to the company. WWE, under Triple H’s creative direction, has been keen on bringing back former superstars, and Andrade could be the latest addition. There’s also a link to Charlotte Flair, as the two are a couple.

Unhappy with his creative direction, Andrade initially left WWE to join AEW, seeking new opportunities. However, things didn’t go much better for him in AEW. He was used early on, but then inconsistently after that, with no real program he could sink his teeth into. WWE fans were not surprised that he left when he did, but many believe under Triple H that his next run will be much better than his first.

Earlier this month, Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Andrade’s AEW deal was approaching its end. However, uncertainties arose due to potential contract extensions owing to time off needed for injury recovery. If this new report is accurate, that issue has been sorted.There was other chatter that Andrade planned to spend time in Mexico competing in CMLL, a commitment he wouldn’t be able to fulfill if he re-signs with WWE. If there’s a hurdle to coming back, that would likely be it.


Andrade Is Kind Of Doing A Lot Of Nothing In AEW So Far

One solid storyline and a string of excellent matches will put Andrade back on track in AEW, but as of now, he is just doing a whole lot of nothing.

Andrade Is a Strong Talent With a Potentially Huge Fan Base

Reflecting on Andrade’s initial WWE run, there were highs and lows. While he achieved success in NXT, winning the World Title, and delivered memorable matches, the main roster stint presented mixed outcomes. But, WWE, under Vince McMahon struggled with finding an effective way to use him.

With Triple H leading the creative direction on the main roster, Andrade likely believes a return to WWE could offer improved booking and opportunities for success.

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