Wednesday, November 29

Arnold Schwarzenegger raises concerns about the impact of AI in real life

Amid widespread concerns that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could dominate the future, a prominent voice joined the chorus. Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his role in the “Terminator” franchise, expressed his fears, saying the world of AI depicted in movies has now “become a reality.”

During a recent event in Los Angeles titled “An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the actor praised director James Cameron for his portrayal of the AI ​​in the film series. Schwarzenegger acknowledged that over the decades, the concept has morphed from fantasy to current existence, crediting Cameron’s exceptional writing for the remarkable portrayal.

While expressing his admiration for Cameron’s creative prowess, Schwarzenegger humbly admitted that he could only take credit for the character he played and the way he brought him to life. He highlighted Cameron’s unparalleled talent as a writer and director, establishing him as the industry’s foremost visionary.

First released in 1984, the film “Terminator” cast Schwarzenegger in the role of a cyborg sent from the future, assigned with a mission to eliminate the film’s lead female character, Sarah Connor.

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