Thursday, April 18

Ashley Massaro’s Friend Says Stephanie McMahon Knew Of Alleged Assault Cover Up

More claims that multiple people knew about the serious assault claims Ashley Massaro made that didn’t surface until her passing.

The lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon by Janel Grant last month, accusing the former chairman of serious sexual assault and even trafficking, has resulted in other alleged incidents surfacing and resurfacing. One instance rightfully being looked over again is the accusations made by Ashley Massaro. The former WWE Superstar claimed she was raped by a member of the US military while on a tour of Kuwait with WWE, partially paralyzed by the accused beforehand so she couldn’t move or call for help.

Stephanie McMahon Allegedly Knew

Massaro’s best friend Cara Pipia spoke with NewsNation this week, during which she claimed Stephanie McMahon was one of many who knew about Massaro’s allegations despite WWE’s claims it didn’t know about the incident (H/T to SEScoops for the transcription).

She spoke with Vince McMahon many times. Vince had his daughter [Stephanie] take his place because she was a female, a woman, and to make Ashley comfortable… Everything that Stephanie said made her feel comfortable. Safe. As soon as they walked into this board room meeting, Ashley was on her own completely. And she was threatened, and there was no… there was no compassion. There was no sympathy. There was nothing.


The Tragic Death & Legacy Of WWE Diva Ashley Massaro, Explained

The charismatic and talented WWE superstar, Ashley Massaro, met a tragic end after her success in the company.

Not revealed until after she took her own life in 2019, Massaro claims when telling higher-ups in WWE what had happened, she was told not to go public with her allegations as it would potentially ruin the relationship between WWE and the US armed forces. At the time, WWE categorically denied that happened. However, Pipia’s claims Stephanie knew about the incident join comments made by John Laurinaitis’s lawyer who recently revealed his client is one of many who knew about Massaro’s allegations.

Massaro’s Assault And Passing

Towards the end of her appearance on NewsNation, Pipia was asked if she thinks the alleged assault played a part in her committing suicide in 2019, to which Pipia replied she is 99 percent certain that it contributed to Massaro taking her own life. Aged just 39 when she died, current and former WWE Superstars set up a GoFundMe for Massaro’s daughter shortly after her mom passed away.

That Stephanie may well have known about some, if not all of the incidents her father has been accused of initiating and playing a part in continues to suggest the entirety of WWE, not just Vince and his cronies, could face serious consequences if even a fraction of the allegations made are confirmed to be true. Now the company is no longer run by the McMahons, you’d have to think that anyone with even the most tenuous of connections to McMahon and the allegations made will be removed from the company without hesitation if there’s any suggestion they played a part in them with him.

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