Thursday, April 18

Asuka Joins Damage CTRL To End SmackDown


  • Asuka’s shocking alliance with Damage CTRL on SmackDown took the audience by surprise, as she turned on her tag team partners and joined forces with Kairi Sane.
  • The newly formed Damage CTRL proved their dominance as they launched a full-scale assault on Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and Shotzi, establishing themselves as a formidable five-woman unit.
  • The sudden turn and formation of Damage CTRL may have felt rushed, but it adds excitement to the show and emphasizes the consequences of missing a night of SmackDown. Their potential involvement in a WarGames scenario promises to reshape the women’s division on SmackDown.

In a shocking close to the action on SmackDown, Asuka left the WWE Universe stunned as she aligned with Damage CTRL, joining Kairi Sane in the closing moments of the show. The heartwarming sight of Asuka and Kairi sharing a hug resonated with the audience, but the heel faction wasn’t looking for a feel-good moment as they took control of the blue brand’s women’s division.

This somewhat predictable, but still unexpected alliance took an entertaining turn as Asuka bailed on a tag from Bianca Belair and then utilizing her notorious mist, turned on her tag team partners. She then hugged Kairi Sane and the match ended in a disqualification as the newly formed Damage CTRL launched a full-scale assault on Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair. The chaos escalated when Shotzi attempted to make the save but fell victim to a devastating Rose Plant. Kairi Sane added to the onslaught with an Insane Elbow on Belair, establishing Damage CTRL’s dominance as a formidable five-woman unit. The group stood arm-in-arm as the show went off the air.

The night started when Bayley acted shocked and concerned that Sane was part of the group now. By the end of the show, her attitude completely changed. Ultimately, her vision to have a powerful stable is finally coming to fruition and with five of the women’s division’s top competitors, this is marking a significant moment for Damage CTRL. The potential of this star-studded collective rivals that of dominant factions like The Bloodline or Judgment Day, suggests that they will run the brand and the division for the foreseeable future.

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Did WWE Handle This Turn Correctly?

The turn seemed sudden, and some might argue that it felt rushed, but the unexpected twist of Asuka joining right after Sane did was a surprise. This could have been built over multiple weeks instead of being condensed into a single night but it makes the show must-watch and tells fans that missing a night of SmackDown has consquences.

As the group evolves, the question looms over their potential involvement in a WarGames scenario. With four members of Damage CTRL(Kai is still injured), the other team could be Flair, Belair, Shotzi and one more member. This pivotal storyline swerve promises to reshape the landscape of SmackDown’s women’s division.

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