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Austin Theory Shares Valuable Advice He Got From John Cena Following WrestleMania Win


  • Austin Theory’s recent victory over John Cena at WrestleMania solidifies his place in the spotlight and sets the stage for his future impact on the wrestling world.
  • John Cena’s advice to Theory to not be afraid to fail and to bet on himself is a fundamental principle that has propelled many to success in various fields.
  • Theory’s dedication, potential, and the guidance from Cena serve as building blocks for his journey, and his evolution in the WWE will be closely monitored as he aims to reach the heights Cena achieved.

Austin Theory, a rising star within the WWE ranks, is poised to make a substantial impact on the wrestling world, and his recent victory over John Cena at WrestleMania has only further fueled this anticipation. While some debates surround his potential, Theory’s encounter with Cena at the grandest stage of them all has not only solidified his place in the spotlight but also provided him with invaluable guidance from a seasoned veteran.

In a candid revelation on The Babyfaces Podcast, Theory shared the impactful advice bestowed upon him by none other than John Cena himself. Reflecting on their WrestleMania showdown, Theory recounted Cena’s words of wisdom, encapsulating a fundamental principle that has propelled many to success. He said, “…It was a really cool moment. He just told me to enjoy this day and enjoy this moment…” Theory added “But something that John says that, you know, you could say, a lot of people say, but it’s so true, is just stop being afraid to fail and, you know, betting on yourself and just going for it.”

Theory went into detail about how that’s the biggest hurdle for a lot of people. He noted, “And a lot of times that’s what holds a lot of us back from things is us just, you know, worried about this or that. And it might not even be you. You might believe in yourself and just because one person has an opinion, it bothers you and it sets you off. That’s the biggest thing. It’s just don’t be afraid to fail. It’s gonna be a ride. It’s gonna go up. It’s gonna go down. But just continue to press forward…”

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This candid glimpse into Cena’s mentorship highlights the significance of embracing challenges, overcoming doubts, and maintaining unwavering self-belief – principles that have undoubtedly contributed to Cena’s monumental success. Meanwhile, comparisons between Theory and Cena are inevitable, given their shared attributes and performances. Cena, widely regarded as one of WWE’s most significant stars over the past two decades, set an extraordinary precedent for excellence and stardom.

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While Theory has monumental shoes to fill, his dedication, potential, and the encouraging guidance from Cena serve as building blocks for his journey.

Theory Can’t Be Afraid To Enjoy The Success He’s Having

Perhaps one of the hardest workers in WWE, as Theory continues to chart his course in WWE, he’ll want to remember the big moments he’s already reached. How Cena’s advice will resonate and ignite a sense of determination in Theory will be intriguing to watch. The evolution of Austin Theory’s career will undoubtedly be closely monitored, and should he reach anywhere near the heights Cena did, it will be a huge win for the current United States Champion.

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