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Australian-Born Bronson Reed Explains Why He Was Left Off Elimination Chamber Card

Bronson Reed was originally scheduled to be at the Elimination Chamber. The Australian-born performer revealed why plans changed.

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  • Full disclosure: Bronson Reed was supposed to be at #WWEChamber, but plans changed due to baby’s early arrival.
  • WWE wanted Reed to have his moment in front of hometown fans back in Perth, Australia.
  • Triple H’s handling of family time off backstage is respected, ensuring performers are happy.

Several fans were surprised when Australian-born WWE Superstar Bronson Reed was not booked to appear in the Elimination Chamber premium live event this weekend. Considering WWE pushed Rhea Ripley, Indie Hartwell, and Grayson Waller as big parts of the show, Reed would have and, probably should have, been a big piece of the action. But, there is a logical explanation, as Reed himself pointed out on Saturday.

Big Bronson Reed took to social media and shared that he missed the show because he was with his wife who was giving birth to their child. He tweeted:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Originally, I was set to be at
. It would have been an incredible moment. Unfortunately, plans changed. But everything happens for a reason. My wife and I have had our baby early, I was supposed to miss the PLE to make sure I’m here for my family. Thank you for all your support. To all my friends and family who have reached out. To
for guiding me. Now I’m not just BIG … I AM BIG, POPPA!

This means that Reed was originally pegged to play a central role in the show and might have been part of the Elimination Chamber match. That’s not a guarantee as there could have been multiple ways to book him onto the card after his qualifying match loss, but WWE wasn’t overlooking him. They wanted Reed to have his moment in front of his hometown fans. Had he had been with his wife, he absolutely would have been factored in.


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More Examples Of WWE Thinking About Family First

Clearly, Reed would have loved to be a the Perth, Australia show. His priority was his wife and their family, as it should be. There’s been a lot of talk recently around the way Triple H has handled time off and prioritizing family before anything else backstage. It’s one of the reasons he’s so respected and admired for the work he’s doing. It’s not always just about the show. It’s about making sure his performers have a life and are happy working with WWE.

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