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Backstage Report on Drew McIntyre’s Attitude at Raw This Week


  • McIntyre appeared in good spirits at Raw, suggesting that any issues from Survivor Series have been resolved.
  • McIntyre subtly addressed the situation at a WWE Live event, casting doubt on the accuracy of reports about his anger.
  • Despite the incident, McIntyre is still actively involved in significant storylines and his push on WWE programming remains unaffected.

With speculation swirling and as rumors loomed regarding Drew McIntyre’s status following his abrupt departure from Survivor Series, fans were eager to learn if lingering tensions would spill over onto Monday Night Raw. Reports had surfaced on Saturday night of McIntyre storming out of Survivor Series, raising questions about his state of mind. However, recent updates suggest that The Scottish Warrior was in better spirits during this week’s Raw.

According to, McIntyre appeared to be “in good spirits” at Raw, with any issues from Survivor Series seemingly resolved. Despite rumors suggesting he was livid about something after the premium live event, McIntyre subtly addressed the situation at a WWE Live event on Sunday, casting doubt on the accuracy of the reports.


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The Survivor Series incident occurred when McIntyre, part of The Judgment Day team, faced defeat against Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Randy Orton. Video footage captured McIntyre swiftly leaving the ringside area just before CM Punk’s surprise return. Reports indicated that he forcefully shut his locker room door and left the arena in frustration, sparking speculation about his reaction to Punk’s comeback.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp suggested that McIntyre’s frustration might have stemmed from various factors and wasn’t solely directed at Punk. Another angle to consider is the possibility that McIntyre was likely just playing the role of his character in the storyline he had going with Judgment Day.


WWE Still Has Big Plans For Drew McIntyre

Despite the Survivor Series incident, McIntyre took an active role in Raw, engaging in a program with World Champion Seth Rollins. Expressing his desire for another title shot, McIntyre confronted Rollins, only to discover that Rollins granted a title match to Jey Uso. This revelation led to McIntyre headbutting Rollins and accepting a match against Sami Zayn next week, signaling his continued involvement in significant storylines.

Clearly, if there was any ill mill, it hasn’t affected his push on WWE programming. His dynamic presence on Raw and ongoing feuds affirm his commitment to the WWE narrative, dispelling concerns about any lasting discord from the pay-per-view event.

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