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Backstage WWE Issues Over The Rock’s Continued Use Of Profanity During Promos

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    The Rock


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    Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow


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    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H, Chris Jericho, John Cena


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  • The Rock’s use of profanity in WWE promos and on social media has raised questions about double standards in enforcing PG guidelines.
  • WWE talent are divided on The Rock’s freedom to use explicit language, some frustrated by the special treatment while others believe he’s earned it.
  • Despite concerns about setting a problematic precedent, The Rock’s viral promos and character pivot are resonating with WWE fans.

Recent reports suggest that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s use of profanity in his social media promos has caused a bit of a stir within WWE. As per a report by SEScoops, the continued foul language The Rock has been using during his social media promos, and sometimes in the ring during promos on SmackDown, has sparked questions about double standards regarding the enforcement of PG guidelines.

According to sources in the report, a memo was circulated by WWE executives Nick Khan, Paul Levesque, and Dan Ventrelle, emphasizing the importance of talent adhering to PG guidelines both on television and social media platforms. Yet, The Rock is immune to such guidelines. While his character would likely not think twice about an expletive here or there, WWE Superstars aren’t taking kindly to the fact there are two sets of rules, even if it can be justified The Rock is the biggest star on the planet and he’s got a longer leash, especially while he sits on the Board of Directors for TKO.


WWE Censors Were Needed Yet Again For The Rock’s Segment On SmackDown

It wasn’t mean chants that got Fox hot under the collar this time.

In the article, they write:

WWE higher-ups sent out a memo a few weeks ago to talent, reminding them that they need to stick to PG language, even on social media. Then The Rock gets to drop as many F bombs as he wants to online, even on live television. Now, there is a problem. I am told that a lot of the talent are asking why Rock gets a pass, and no one else is allowed to curse. The thinking is that even if he is the big movie star, shouldn’t everyone play by the same rules? So he can curse and use that to get over, but everyone else is handcuffed?

It sounds like some talent within WWE have voiced their frustrations, questioning why The Rock is allowed to use explicit language on social media while others are expected to adhere to PG standards. Others aren’t bothered, understanding he’s earned the right to live by a different set of rules. It’s hard to know if WWE has greenlit his use of language or if they’re not happy he keeps forgetting to stick to the PG guidelines.

The Rock Raw January 1, 2024 Cropped

Is This Disparity All That Accurate?

When you consider Logan Paul has a podcast in which he swears constantly, or you look at some promos with Seth Rollins where he lost his cool after CM Punk debuted, or at the WrestleMania Kickoff Press Conference where both he and Cody Rhodes swore, it’s not as is The Rock is the only one cursing. And, The Rock’s viral promos are working. Whether it’s because of his use of explicit language or the sudden pivot in his character, WWE fans are buying in.

The company has to hope this isn’t setting a problematic precedent, even if they are loosening the reins a little when it comes to the PG product for one of the biggest stars in WWE history.

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