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Bad Bunny sued for $40 million by ex-girlfriend

Bad Bunny is slapped with a lawsuit by his ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, for allegedly using his voice in two of his songs without his consent, considering the success of the Puerto Rican rapper, his ex demands at least $40 million in compensation.

According to a lawsuit filed this month in a Puerto Rican court, the rapper used Carliz’s voice recording saying “Bad Bunny, Baby” in two of his songs “Pa Ti” and “Dos Mil 16” in 2016 before becoming famous. According to Carliz, she came up with the phrase and the voice used in the songs is also hers, considering the success of the songs, she demands $40 million in payments.

The two songs mentioned in the lawsuit were huge hits when they were released, “Pa Ti”, the song received more than 358 million views on YouTube and 235 million streams on Spotify. “Dos Mil 16” has more than 280 million views on Spotify and 63 million views on YouTube.

According to the lawsuit, “Thousands of people have commented directly on Carliz’s social media, as well as every time she goes to a public place, about ‘Bad Bunny, baby.’ This has caused and currently causes De La Cruz to feel worried, distraught, intimidated, overwhelmed and anxious.” According to the lawsuit, Carliz’s voice was used in promotions, concerts, television, radio, and songs without her consent. Bad Bunny’s manager and Rimas Entertainment are also being sued.

Bad Bunny and Carliz went to the same university and during their time together they started dating in 2011, the aspiring artist at the time would always ask Carliz for input when working on his songs, while Carliz at the time used to handle all the bookings. , events, contracts for the rapper. The phrase “Bad Bunny, Baby” arose in 2015 when the rapper asked Carliz to record it in a loud voice, she recorded it in a bathroom while staying with a friend and sent it to Bad Bunny.

In May 2022, a Bad Bunny representative approached Carliz and offered him $2000 to use his voice note in a song. She declined the offer and was later contacted by Rimas Entertainment who told her that they would use her voice on the next album, but an agreement was never reached and her voice was used without her consent.

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Why Is Bad Bunny’s Ex-Girlfriend Suing Him For $40 Million?

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