Tuesday, November 28

Barbie Defeats Oppenheimer With Huge Numbers On Opening Weekend

In the last episode of Barbie against oppenheimer, it’s from greta gerwig Barbie who is winning the race. The results of the opening weekend box office are in, and oppenheimer he’s falling behind in the race with a pretty shocking difference in numbers. Barbie it earned a whopping USD 155 million (roughly Rs 1,270 crore) in the US over the weekend. The movie has the biggest opening weekend of 2023, beating out Tom Cruise Mission Impossible, Nolan Oppenheimer and other previously released films such as Flash, Ant-Man and the Wasp etc Barbie it also becomes the highest-grossing film for a female director.

Talking about oppenheimer Box office taking, Nolan’s film earned USD 80.5 million (roughly Rs 660 crore) in the US opening weekend. Thus, Barbie is gone oppenheimer far behind in the box office battle by grossing twice as much in three days.

While Barbiee is dominating the US box office, the Indian box office is experiencing the reverse trend. In India, oppenheimer he is ahead in the race as he earned Rs 13.5 crore on the first day and minted Rs 17 crore on the second day. On the other hand, Barbie it opened with a gross of Rs 5 crore followed by a profit of Rs 6.5 crore on the 2nd.

Barbie is a fantasy movie that is inspired by Barbie fashion dolls. We’ve seen animated Barbie movies in the past, but Greta Gerwig introduced us to the first live-action Barbie movie. It features Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles.

oppenheimer, for its part, is a biographical thriller based on the life and work of a physicist. The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan. It features Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr.

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