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Bayley’s Real Relationship With Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair In WWE, Explained


  • The relationships among Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch are complex and go beyond scripted rivalries.
  • The Four Horsewomen revolutionized women’s wrestling in WWE and pushed boundaries in both NXT and the main roster.
  • Bayley’s connections with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are not as close as some fans may think, but there are glimpses of mutual respect and shared experiences outside the ring.

Few stories captivate the audience like the intricate relationships within the Four Horsewomen. Among them, Bayley‘s journey alongside Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch unfolds as a saga of alliances, betrayals, and unspoken bonds. As the trio navigates the complex dance between scripted personas and real-life connections, the blurred lines between friend and foe add layers of intrigue to their ongoing narrative. While it may seem simple to fans, the dynamics that have defined Bayley’s relationships with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, both inside and outside the squared circle, are fairly complicated. One would think that they’re best friends in real life because of their origins together, but that’s not how it seems to be.

Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, And Bayley’s Origins In WWE

The Birth Of The Four Horsewomen

The year was 2014, a pivotal time for women’s wrestling within the confines of WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. It was during this period that Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks began together to form the concept of the iconic quartet known as the Four Horsewomen. Their impact on the industry would resonate far beyond the NXT arena, sparking a revolution that elevated women’s wrestling to unprecedented heights. They were at the forefront of matches that stole the show, breaking barriers and dismantling stereotypes. The Four Horsewomen didn’t just participate; they excelled, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of women’s wrestling.

The revolution they spearheaded was not confined to the developmental brand. As the Four Horsewomen transitioned to the main roster, they continued to push the boundaries of what women in WWE could achieve. In storyline, one poignant chapter in this tale unfolded in 2014 when Becky Lynch, still finding her footing in WWE, formed a tag team with Bayley. It was a period marked by apparent camaraderie and shared goals, but the alliance crumbled when Becky betrayed Bayley to align herself with Sasha Banks. And then Bayley herself started partnering with her friend Charlotte Flair against the other two. Bayley’s in-ring one-on-one encounters with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair reflect a closely contested history.

Bayley’s Match History With Becky Lynch And Chalotte Flair



Wins (Bayley)

Wins (Opponent)

Becky Lynch




Charlotte Flair





Why A Four Horsewomen Stable Never Happened In WWE, Explained

The Four Horsewomen of WWE had a great rivalry, but a united faction in the women’s division never came to be.

The Relationship Between Bayley, Becky Lynch, And Charlotte Flair

More Of Mutual Respect Than Friendship

Beyond the ring, the camaraderie among the Horsewomen transcends scripted rivalries and on-screen drama. As Charlotte Flair told Metro UK, “It’s an unspoken bond. Our careers have all taken different turns and ended up in different spots in different times. The level of respect is always there, no matter what. You just don’t… maybe we should talk about it more, but we all know how we feel about each other, what we did, and what it took, and how hard we worked to get where we are.”

In a revealing ESPN interview, the quartet openly discussed their dynamic. Bayley shed light on the role Charlotte Flair played as the motherly figure within the group. “Charlotte and Paige took me around and introduced me to everyone at FCW in Tampa. Charlotte was kind of like the leader. Maybe leader isn’t the right word. But I felt like Charlotte was always kind of the mom of the group.”

Becky Lynch added a touch of nostalgia by reminiscing about the early days when she and Bayley took on the roles of the group’s entertainers. “I was probably the comedian of the group, I suppose, when we began. The clown, if you will. The one always making jokes and things, trying to be nice to everybody and get along with everybody. Bayley was like that, too.”

While certain duos within the Horsewomen, such as Bayley and Sasha Banks, or Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, stood out as particularly close-knit, Bayley revealed on the Broken Skull Sessions podcast that she initially felt like an outcast. She said, “I was kind of like the outcast because Sasha was very close with Charlotte, and they would travel together all the time, and then she got very close with Becky, and then they traveled together all the time. But I was never very close with any of them, you know, until maybe like, obviously, when we started doing the [NXT TakeOver] Brooklyn stuff, but then Sasha and I started getting closer and closer. We were always super close, text all the time, but when it came to traveling and outside of that stuff, I was never like that with Charlotte or Becky.”

Bayley Is Currently An On-Screen Heel In WWE

Bayley Is Friends With Seth Rollins


In the current wrestling landscape, deciphering the authentic relationships between Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky proves challenging. While Charlotte and Becky reconciled after real-life tensions, Bayley adds a layer of complexity by challenging their friendship in the storyline. Real-life friendships are selectively revealed, with Charlotte acknowledging Bayley as the heart of NXT. Despite on-screen rivalries, rare glimpses of Bayley’s connection with Becky, including shared workouts, social outings, and common friends, suggest a more nuanced relationship outside the scripted narratives. Notably, Bayley’s friendship with Becky Lynch’s husband, Seth Rollins, adds another layer to the intricate web of relationships. The Deadboy Fitness gym owned by Seth Rollins is a place where both Bayley and Becky were once seen working out and becomes a symbolic space where these connections intersect. Bayley was also seen watching Becky’s WrestleMania 35 match from backstage with Sasha and then hugging her after the finish.


Bayley’s History With Becky Lynch’s Husband Seth Rollins, Explained

With Becky Lynch and Bayley now in a war of words over Seth Rollins, what is Bayley’s history with Lynch’s beau?

As Bayley embraces her role as a heel, consistently feuding with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair as babyfaces, the potential for character dynamics to shift further teases wrestling enthusiasts. In a recent promo on SmackDown, Bayley did reveal going up and down the road with Charlotte and having deep conversations with Becky in the past. As the storyline unfolds, there remains a possibility that the curtain may lift, offering a closer look at the true dynamics between these three remarkable women in the world of professional wrestling.

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