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Becky Lynch Passes Torch To Lyra Valkyria After Losing NXT Women’s Championship


  • Lyra Valkyria has emerged as the new NXT Women’s Champion after an exhilarating match against Becky Lynch at Halloween Havoc, which was hailed as one of the finest women’s matches this year.
  • Becky Lynch’s tenure as champion was commended for her dedication to nurturing the next generation of female wrestlers, providing opportunities for emerging talents and ensuring their visibility and growth within the industry.
  • As Valkyria takes on the mantle of champion, she is expected to usher in a new era in women’s wrestling, building on the groundwork laid by Lynch and demonstrating the exceptional decision-making of Shawn Michaels in elevating her to the title.

In a historic and exhilarating match, Lyra Valkyria has emerged victorious against Becky Lynch to claim the coveted WWE NXT Women’s Championship. The encounter — the main event during NXT’s presentation of Halloween Havoc — was nothing short of spectacular, hailed as one of the finest women’s matches this year. It was a showcase the incredible talent and determination of both competitors.

Following her defeat, Lynch graciously acknowledged Valkyria’s remarkable performance on Twitter, stating, “The future is bright.” Her tweet reflected not only her respect for Valkyria’s skills but also served as a tribute to the other talented women she had faced and elevated during her brief 40-day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion. Lynch’s ability to raise the profile of emerging talents like Tiffany Stratton, Tegan Nox, Indi Hartwell, and now Lyra Valkyria was lauded across the wrestling community. Even in defeat, Lynch exhibited her trademark sportsmanship. After handing the NXT Women’s Title to Valkyria, she acknowledged the presence of Jade Cargill, hinting at her ongoing commitment to uplifting women within the WWE roster.

Becky Lynch’s tenure as the NXT Women’s Champion was commended for its impact on the division. Beyond being a fan favorite, Lynch’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of female wrestlers was evident. She played a crucial role in providing opportunities for NXT talents and WWE RAW stars, ensuring their visibility and growth within the industry.

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Lynch Will Move On From NXT

Regardless of one’s allegiance in the wrestling world, Lynch’s contributions have earned her respect. Her role in shaping the future of women’s wrestling in WWE is undeniable, and her legacy as a champion who empowered others is firmly established. She set out to showcase the talents of the Women’s Division, specifically by shining a light on competitors who weren’t otherwise getting programming time. She did exactly that.

As Valkyria takes on the mantle of the NXT Women’s Champion, the wrestling universe eagerly anticipates the new era she will usher in, thanks in part to the groundwork laid by Lynch. It was evident that Valkyria was the perfect heir to Becky Lynch’s title. It’s truly satisfying that Shawn Michaels made the correct call, and the manner in which he elevated her was exceptional.

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