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Becky Lynch talks about the stars of social networks in WWE: “I don’t love it”

Becky Lynch is one of the most popular superstars in WWE today; Her rise to stardom came around 2019 after she adopted the moniker “The Man”. She found great success in WWE, even becoming the first woman to win a Wrestlemania main event.

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Her husband, Seth Rollins, is currently in a feud with vlogger and podcaster Logan Paul. The two will finally meet in the ring at Wrestlemania 39, in a match that has the potential to steal the show. However, some in WWE have understandable grievances with WWE highlighting social media influencers.


Becky Lynch Shares Her Thoughts On The Paul Brothers

Becky Lynch is back

During an appearance on E! The Rundown, Becky Lynch was asked about her husband’s Wrestlemania opponent. She revealed that she did not know who Logan and Jake Paul were before they entered the world of boxing. Fightful has provided the following transcript:

I didn’t know who these Paul brothers were until they started boxing and I thought, why do people love these people?

Becky went on to explain her disgust that social media influencers can walk into WWE and immediately get into big matches, while WWE Superstars have to show up and work week after week.

I don’t love what he does, two or three games a year. I work 52 weeks a year. I take my baby on a trip. You know how worrying that is. You know the effort it takes. Doing that 52 weeks out of the year because I love it and because we have to get the towns and the fans to come see us every week, three, four, five times a week. We make the cities and we do that. Going in and watching the big games and the big stadiums when you haven’t done the work. I don’t love that.

While Seth Rollins will face Logan Paul at Wrestlemania 39, Becky Lynch will join Lita and Trish Stratus to take on Damage CTRL.

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