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Becky Lynch Talks Two Bucket List Items She Wants Before She Retires From WWE

Becky Lynch still has a couple of items left on her bucket list when it comes to her in-ring career. Before retiring from active competition, Lynch told Mark Andrews during a recent interview that there are two things she wants to achieve: one is to win Money in the Bank and the other is to face another WWE Hall of Famer. .

Noting that he came close but never actually won it, Lynch wants to win the Money in the Bank briefcase at least once in his WWE career. She noted, “I want to win the Money in the Bank briefcase before it’s all said and done, and also fight Beth Phoenix.” As for Beth Phoenix, Lynch noted that she’s been trying to get that match for years and later said, “she’s been avoiding me.”


beth phoenix

When it comes to winning the briefcase, it’s unclear if she really wants to keep the briefcase and then prank him into cashing it in, or if it’s simply the fact that he came so close and never won that is eating away at her. She explained, “Every Money in the Bank game I’ve been to, I’ve always been the second to last person. We’re talking four craziest Money in the Bank games, I’ve been the second to last person.” She added that it’s not so much about having the best charge, because she doesn’t think anyone is as good as Seth Rollins’. Still, she wants to win that match. “I don’t think anybody can and I don’t think there’s any point in trying. That’s going to go down as the biggest cash in history, and I’m pretty good at letting him have that one. Maybe he can.” get pretty close,” she said.

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Could Lynch vs. Phoenix be an option?

A match with Beth Phoenix would be amazing. Phoenix isn’t an active competitor in WWE, but Lynch just worked a show with Lita and is actively feuding with Trish Stratus, so anything is possible.

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