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Best Looks Of Jeff Hardy’s Wrestling Career

It’s not enough to say that Jeff Hardy is an artist—he is the embodiment of art itself. From the intricate face paint to the lyric poetry and rock band endeavors, the Charismatic Enigma never runs out of creative ways to express his high-flying spirit.


10 Best Spots Of Jeff Hardy’s Wrestling Career

Jeff Hardy was apart of several high-risk moves throughout his wrestling career.

Throughout the years, Hardy has shown no qualms in using his body as his canvas. Every outfit he’s ever worn has told a layered story about his life and career. If Hardy ever decided to create a visual album of his wrestling looks, that album might just make art aficionados look twice.

10 Bandanas Looked Great On Jeff Hardy Circa The Attitude Era

This Fashion Choice Tied Him And His Brother To The Lineage Of A Legendary Tag Team

Jeff Hardy And Trish Stratus Cropped

  • Jeff & Matt Hardy Loved To Rock The Bandanas Back In The Attitude Era
  • This Look Accentuated Jeff Hardy’s Youthful Look
  • Hardy Was Just 16 Years Old When He Made His WWE Debut

Between Matt and Jeff, the younger Hardy makes bandanas look better. In the Attitude Era, Hardy rocked kerchiefs on his head and even dyed his hair to match the color of the fabric.

This fashion choice heightened the youthful look of Hardy, who was all of 16 years old when he first wrestled in a WWE ring in 1996. Though he lied about his age at that time, his young vibes became a strong asset when he and his brother Matt began making waves in the tag team scene.

9 Only Jeff Hardy Can Get Away With Wrestling In A Translucent Shirt

It Even Foreshadowed A Key Venture Of His Artistic Side

Jeff Hardy wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

  • There Were Times When Jeff Hardy Rocked A Translucent Shirt
  • This Made Him Look Like A Rock Star About To Grace The Stage At A Concert
  • Jeff Went On To Become The Frontman Of His Own Rock Band In 2003

Back in the Attitude Era, there were times when Jeff Hardy wore a translucent shirt as he went head-to-head with other strong midcard competitors. This wardrobe choice helped him stand out in the incredibly stacked roster of that period in wrestling.

Jeff, of course, looked more like a rock band vocalist than a catch-as-catch-can grappler. As fate would have it, Jeff would indeed become a frontman when he formed the band PeroxWhy?Gen in 2003.

8 Arm Sleeves And Denim Pants Weren’t Traditional Wrestling Gear, But Jeff Threw Conventions Out The Window

The Hardys Weren’t Traditional Wrestlers After All

  • Arm Sleeves And Denim Pants Were An Integral Part Of The Hardys’ Ring Attire
  • With All The Signature Poses That He’d Flaunt In Matches, Jeff Hardy Called Plenty Of Attention To His Awesome Sleeves

When fans think of Jeff Hardy, one of the first images that comes to mind is a young man clad in arm sleeves. Jeff emphasized this accessory every time he brought his fingertips to his mouth as he did his signature pose.


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This retro image, of course, wouldn’t be complete without Hardy’s signature dark denim pants. While traditional wrestling fans might not have approved of a competitor looking like he’s going to a Slipknot concert, this particular look of Hardy connected with the adolescent demographic that was a driving force in the Attitude Era.

7 Purple Always Looked Great On The Charismatic Enigma

Jeff Made This Color Work With His Flamboyant Ring Gear

Jeff Hardy clad in the color purple

  • Purple Had Always Been Part Of The Hardy Insignia
  • It Worked Exceptionally Well For Jeff, Who Often Incorporated It Into His Ring Gear

Here’s something else that worked tremendously well for Jeff Hardy: the purple color. It had always been part of the Hardy insignia, and when Jeff incorporated it into his ring attire, he looked very, very comfortable.

Purple denotes royalty, and as far as in-ring attire, Jeff Hardy can rightfully proclaim himself a king of charisma. All his high-flying moves emphasized the purple in his ring gear.

6 Jeff Hardy Changed Things Up When He Joined Immortal

Jeff Hardy Immortal

  • In 2010, Jeff Hardy Aligned Himself With Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff & Abyss
  • Their Group Came To Be Known As Immortal
  • Jeff’s Allies Helped Him Win The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

In the fall of 2010, Jeff Hardy revealed to the world that he had joined forces with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Going by the name Immortal, their group emerged as a villainous force to be reckoned with in TNA.

To accentuate his turn to the dark side during this time, Hardy shunned his popular rock star look and began wearing coats and ties. The business attire was a great match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that adorned his waist.

5 White Ring Gear Looks Great On Jeff Hardy

This Gives Him An Immaculate Appearance

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett AEW

  • There Were Times When Jeff Hardy Kept Things Simple With White Ring Gear
  • White Tank Tops And Bottoms Gave Him An Immaculate Look

Every artist knows that keeping things simple is a great way to achieve beauty. At certain points in his career, Jeff Hardy has done just that by rocking a white tank top or white bottoms.

Invariably, Jeff would shed his top whenever he saw fit to drop a Swanton Bomb. All the same, the white ring gear gave Jeff an immaculate aura as he headed to the ring.

4 When Jeff Hardy Returned To WWE In 2017, His Rainbow Sleeves Clearly Stood Out

These Were A Perfect Match For The Championship Gold That He Won That Night

Hardy Boyz Return

  • The Hardy Boyz Made Their Surprise Return To WWE At WrestleMania 33
  • To Emphasize The Festive Mood Of This Return, Jeff Hardy Wore Rainbow-Themed Sleeves During Their Championship Match

Heading into WrestleMania 33, one of the worst-kept secrets in pro wrestling was the return of the Hardy Boyz to WWE. Even as they reveled in the success of the Broken Hardy saga, fans were abuzz with rumors about their exit from TNA.


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The sight of Jeff and Matt Hardy walking down the ramp at WrestleMania 33 is a special moment in their illustrious careers. While Matt was in Broken mode, Jeff wore a rainbow-sleeved shirt for their grand WWE return. The comeback became all the more colorful when the Hardys won championship gold and once again stood on top of the company’s tag team division.

3 Brother Nero May Have Been Broken, But He Still Looked Resplendent

Underneath That Mysterious Aura, Jeff Hardy’s Charisma Remained Intact

  • The Broken Hardy Saga Will Go Down In History As One Of The Most Innovative Feuds On Wrestling Programming
  • When Jeff Hardy Succumbed And Eventually Became Brother Nero, His Ring Gear Came To Resemble That Of Broken Matt Hardy

When history books are written on the decade that was the 2010s, the Broken Hardy saga will emerge as a high point in that era of pro wrestling. Millions of fans were awestruck by the blood feud between the deranged Broken Matt Hardy and his spurned brother Jeff.

Broken Matt ultimately triumphed over Jeff, who subsequently became Brother Nero. During this stage in his career, Jeff Hardy started rocking the same regal look made popular by his older brother. Clad in foreboding robes, Brother Nero continued to look resplendent.

2 Willow Was A Deep Dive Into Jeff Hardy’s Villainous Side

He Was A Different Person When He Donned This Look

  • In 2014, Jeff Hardy Brought To Life A Persona That Had Not Been Since His OMEGA Days
  • The Character Known As Willow Was More Aggressive Than Any Other Version Of Jeff Hardy Thus Far In His Career

In 2014, Jeff Hardy showed the darkest depths of his imaginative mind when he brought the character Willow to TNA. With origins that dated back to the Hardys’ OMEGA days, Willow was a malevolent spirit with zero remorse for the well-being of any competitor.

Willow’s look was fearsome in its own right. The long black robe and the chessboard-like umbrella were certainly intimidating, but not as ominous as the mask that Hardy put on. The sharp edges on Willow’s mask were a warning to all those who dared to cross him.

1 Hardy’s Armageddon 2008 Look Was His Best In-Ring Version

You Could Say That He Was Dressed For The Occasion

  • In December 2008, Jeff Hardy Finally Reached The Mountaintop When He Defeated Triple H And Edge To Become WWE Champion
  • His Look On That Night Will Forever Be Remembered By Fans, And It May Very Well Be The Best Look Of His Colorful Career

At Armageddon 2009, Jeff Hardy reached a career milestone by winning the WWE Championship. It made sense, then, that Hardy’s look on that night would combine the best elements of his career’s past stages.

By donning the face paint along with his classic rock star ring gear, Hardy reached the WWE’s summit as the best version of himself. Whereas fans and critics might have doubted that he’d ever reach that moment, there he was, Swanton Bombing his way to the top.

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