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Best TNA Championship Designs

TNA made some major waves in professional wrestling when the company decided to rebrand from Impact Wrestling and once again become Total Nonstop Action. With this rebrand, it saw every title in the promotion receive a facelift and, truthfully, it was all for the better. The current crop of championships representing TNA are far from the only belts the company has had, however.


10 Worst Wrestling Championship Designs In 2023, Ranked

While they’re not necessarily hideous, these wrestling titles have some of the worst designs today.

Looking back at every belt that TNA has had ranging from the Legends Championship, the Knockouts title, and the original TNA belt, here are the absolute best-looking championships in Total Nonstop Action’s historical lineage.

9 2024 TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships

A Welcome Upgrade To An Already Good Design

  • Introduced When TNA Rebranded In 2024.
  • The First Holders Of The New Design Were MK Ultra. (Killer Kelly & Masha Slamovich)
  • Features A Similar Silver Plate Design To Other Current Belts.

The change from Impact Wrestling to TNA has been a very welcome one and that comes with every title getting a fresh new look. The TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships were the final belts to be redone and presented and are easily the best the belts have ever looked.

That says a lot, as the belts have never been horrible looking and, at points, were some of the best Impact Wrestling has had. The first holders of the new design only got to hold it for a short time before losing them to Rosemary and Havok of Decay at TNA Hard to Kill.

8 TNA Legends Championship And All Of Its Different Names

Originally Wasn’t Meant As A Sanctioned TNA Title

  • The Title Started As A Trophy That Booker T Made For Himself.
  • Would Receive Multiple Name Changes Before Being Retired In 2016.
  • Was Replaced By The Impact Grand Championship.

Being introduced in late 2008 during the Main Event Mafia storyline that was running TNA at the time, Booker T introduced TNA audiences to a new championship that he would defend whenever he wanted to. Despite not being a sanctioned title for the company, it was easily the most beautiful title the company ever had.

After Booker T lost the belt to AJ Styles, the Legends Championship would become the property of TNA and saw AJ Styles become the first TNA Grand-Slam Champion. A number of different champions would be crowned, and the title would receive changes to the name, including the Global, Television, and King of the Mountain title before being retired in 2016.

7 2024 TNA Tag Team Championships

Tag Titles Were In Need Of A New Design

  • Introduced When TNA Rebranded In 2024.
  • The First Holders Of The New Design Were Chris Bey And Ace Austin.
  • Looks Similar To The TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles With Their Bright Red Strap.

The first version of the TNA World Tag Team Championships was one of the more beloved designs in TNA’s history before being changed in 2017. Since that first change, the belts haven’t reached the same status among fans as they once had so this new design in 2024 was a very welcome one.

TNA got rid of the rounded middle plate that invoked memories of the old Ring of Honor Television title and replaced it with a much grander silver plate and bright red strap, in the same vein as the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

6 Original TNA World Tag Team Championships

Created After TNA Removed Themselves From The NWA

And as mentioned just prior, the TNA World Tag Team Championships are still one of the most beloved designs the company has had. These belts run from 2007 to 2017 saw teams like Beer Money Inc., The Hardys, The Motor City Machine Guns, and many more, work to make the TNA tag division the best in the world.


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Wrestling fans weren’t happy when great championship belt designs were replaced with much worse ones.

The design of the belts also fit so perfectly with the theme of TNA at the time and remains one of the greatest-looking tag team titles in professional wrestling history.

5 2024 TNA X Division Championship

The Best The X Division Title Has Looked

  • Introduced When TNA Rebranded In 2024.
  • The First Holder Of The New Design Was Chris Sabin.
  • Makes The X Division Championship Look Almost As Grand As The World Title.

The X Division Championship has been one of the favorites for TNA fans since its inception. Despite this, the title never had the best appearance. The 2nd design has been beloved by fans and deserves the praise it receives, but after this 2024 rebranding, it is easy to say that the X Division title has never looked better.

The first person to hold this new belt was Chris Sabin, and really there was nobody better as he has held the X Division title ten times throughout his career. The design now makes it look just as grand as the World title does, minus the silver plating, keeping it as a secondary prize.

4 Original TNA Knockouts Championship

The Top Crown In Women’s Wrestling For Years

  • Both The White Strap/Red Crown And Black Strap/Blue Crown Versions Were Amazing.
  • Was The Biggest Prize In Women’s Wrestling For Years.
  • Fit The Theme Of TNA At The Time Perfectly.

One thing that TNA has always done amazingly with is the booking of their Knockouts division. Creating this title in October 2007, names like Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, and Mickie James went to wars over this belt and made women’s wrestling something to be entertained by compared to what was in WWE during that time.

The first and second designs of this championship were quite similar and saw just a few changes to the coloring. Arguably though, the white strap and red crown on the original design stand out as the better.

3 2024 TNA World Championship

Another Creation From Hellfire Design

  • Introduced In 2024 With The TNA Rebrand.
  • All The New Championships Were Created By Hellfire Designs.
  • The First Holder Of The New Design Was Alex Shelley.

As almost every new design for the TNA Championship ranks highly as they are all amazing and some are the best their respective titles have looked, it’s no surprise that the team behind designing these went all out for the TNA World Championship. Hellfire Design themselves stated on social media that this particular belt was their favorite.

Some fans might argue that the original TNA World Heavyweight Championship or even the white strap version that Moose brought back a couple of years ago might be better, but it would be a hard argument to win.

2 Original TNA World Championship

Replaced The NWA World Heavyweight Title

  • TNA’s First Attempt At Their Own World Championship.
  • Created May 13th, 2007.
  • The Inaugural Champion Was Kurt Angle.

That argument is still one that deserves to be made as the original design for TNA’s World Heavyweight Championship was the best the belt had looked for decades. Again, some might argue that the third design introduced in 2011 was amazing, which it was, it paled to the OG.


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Names like Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Sting, and Samoa Joe made this title prominent and the belt itself looked great on anyone. Pretty much everything that came after was a steady decline in quality before Hellfire stepped in and created the amazing current design.

1 2024 TNA Knockouts Championship

The Best Of The New Crop

Now it has to be said that Hellfire Design went all out when they created the new TNA Knockouts Championship and made a belt that rivals the World Championship in prestige and beauty. This is the best TNA title by a mile and represents the best women’s wrestling division in the sport.

The massive gold plates and beautiful white strap are an upgrade from the original TNA Knockouts title. Plus, moving on from the previous design was greatly needed as that belt was far from the best in the title’s history.

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