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Best WCW Finishers

World Championship Wrestling was a sports entertainment juggernaut in the 1990s. The second-largest promotion in the United States was owned by Ted Turner and was featured on TBS and TNT. WCW Monday Nitro became must-watch television during the epic Monday Night Wars with WWE. The home where the big boys played, featured some of the greatest professional wrestlers of any generation.



10 Most Protected Finishers In WCW History

WCW did a good job making these finishing moves the most protected finishers in company history.

WCW would feature an incredible in-ring product, with sports entertainers getting over their wrestling finisher to conclude the match. The wrestler’s finisher needed to be the best move in their arsenal and a way to end any match. WCW had some of the best finishers in the business.


On only a handful of occasions did WWE genuinely feel threatened by their competition. One is the notable Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT. However, before that happened, it was WCW and WWE who competed against each other in the Monday Night Wars. WCW had a genuinely impressive roster that was full of talent. Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Raven, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, and more helped make up the roster. And with a roster so full of tremendous athletes, fans were guaranteed to see some phenomenal finishers as well.

10 Raven’s Evenflow DDT

A Sudden & Impactul DDT


  • Raven won 95 matches in WCW.
  • Most of them after hitting his Evenflow DDT.
  • Raven’s DDT was the best in all of WCW.

Raven’s Evenflow DDT was sudden and impactful. When the grunge star hit the move, the match was over. With all due respect to Jake the Snake Roberts, Raven delivered the best DDT in all of World Championship Wrestling.

While Raven never became the biggest star in the company, the former ECW World Champion left a mark in WCW. Raven would capture both the United States title and World Tag Team title with WCW. His most famous Evenflow would occur on MTV’s TRL laying out Diamond Dallas Page.

9 Meng’s Tongan Death Grip

One Of The Most Terrifying Finishers In WCW

Meng applies finishing move

  • Meng won 186 matches in WCW.
  • His finisher, the Tongan Death Grip, terrorized opponents.
  • It was original and credible.

Meng’s Tongan Death Grip was one of the most terrifying finishers in the history of World Championship Wrestling. Meng, himself, is one of the most terrifying wrestlers in the history of the sport. His Death Grip put fear into opponents before the match even began.

The former WCW Hardcore Champion would be one half of the terrorizing team, the Faces of Fear. While Meng and Barbarian never won the World Tag Team titles, they are one of the best duos in the history of WCW.

8 Randy Savage’s Big Flying Elbow Drop

Randy Savage Had One Of The Most Effective Finishers In WCW

  • Randy Savage won 161 matches in WCW.
  • His Big Elbow Drop from the top rope was amazing.
  • Savage was a four-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Savage’s Big Elbow Drop from the top rope was one of the most beautiful yet brutal finishers in all of World Championship Wrestling. Savage would capture four WCW World Heavyweight Championships during his WCW tenure. His run in WCW is grossly underestimated by today’s fans.


10 Things Randy Savage Never Accomplished In Wrestling

Randy Savage is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, but there are some things even Macho Man didn’t accomplish throughout his career.

Savage would be a major player in WCW, even in the shadow of Hulk Hogan. Yet, Savage would be more than a Mega Power in WCW. With his finisher, Savage would become a legendary WCW competitor.

7 Lex Luger’s Torture Rack

Luger Had One Of The Best Submission Finishers In WCW History

Lex Luger Vs Hulk Hogan Nitro

  • Lex Luger won 797 WCW matches.
  • With his massive physique, Lex Luger destroyed his opponents.
  • His finisher, the Torture Rack, was devastating.

Lex Luger’s Torture Rack looked like torture on the WCW screen. Luger’s massive physique and power was enhanced by his finishing maneuver that looked super human. Lex Luger would popularize the Torture Rack all the way to two WCW World Heavyweight Championships and five United States Championships.

Lex Luger never found a lot of success in WWE, yet he was one of the major players in World Championship Wrestling. His Torture Rack was one of the reasons Luger found so much WCW success.

6 Kevin Nash’s Jackknife Powerbomb

Several WCW Wrestlers Used The Powerbomb, But Kevin Nash’s Version Was The Best

Kevin Nash Powerbombs The Giant

  • The Powerbomb is a commonly used finisher.
  • Vader and Sid Vicious dominated with their own versions of the Powerbomb.
  • Kevin Nash’s Powerbomb is the most memorable.

The Powerbomb rose to the top of professional wrestling finishers in the 1990s. WCW had many competitors using a variation of the Power Bomb. Wrestlers such as Sid Vicious and Vader would dominate with their own versions of the Powerbomb. Yet, Kevin Nash’s Jackknife Power Bomb is the most memorable in WCW history.

Kevin Nash Power Bombing The Giant is one of the most incredible-looking feats of strength in the annals of WCW history. Nash would win five WCW World Heavyweight Championships and nine WCW World Tag Team Championships featuring his Powerbomb.

5 Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Cutter

This Finisher Is The Forerunner of the RKO

WCW DDP Performing A Diamond Cutter On Goldberg

  • DDP won 407 matches in WCW.
  • His Diamond Cutter was one of the most popular wrestling finishers of the 1990s.
  • DDP’s Diamond Cutter led him to capture three WCW World Championships.

Diamond Dallas Page would make the Diamond Cutter one of the most popular moves of the 1990s. His front face cutter could be applied from many different positions, giving it an “out of nowhere” feel way before Randy Orton started RKOing competitors.

DDP’s Diamond Cutter would lead him to capturing three WCW World Championships, four World Tag Team Championships and two United States Championships. DDP would become the people’s champion in World Championship Wrestling behind the power of the Diamond Cutter. BANG.

4 The Giant’s Chokeslam

One Of The Best Chokeslams In Wrestling History


  • The Giant won 197 matches in WCW.
  • It was epic to see him laying people out with the Chokeslam.
  • He was one of those responsible for making the Chokeslam one of the most popular moves in wrestling.

The Chokeslam has become a move used by many professional wrestlers in the modern age of sports entertainment. In many cases, the Chokeslam isn’t even used as a finisher. Yet, when The Giant (WWE Big Show/ AEW Paul Wight) burst onto the WCW scene and started laying people out with the Chokeslam, it was epic.

With the force of the Giant, the Chokeslam became one of the most feared moves in WCW history. The Giant would win two WCW World Heavyweight Championships and three World Tag Team Championships.

3 Goldberg’s Jackhammer

A Devastating Move After A Lethal Spear

  • Goldberg won 276 matches in WCW.
  • His Spear-Jackhammer combination was iconic.
  • Goldberg’s strength allowed him to hit his finisher on any wrestler, including the giants.

Bill Goldberg used the combination Spear and Jackhammer move set to dominate World Championship Wrestling. Goldberg’s Jackhammer would help The Man go 173 and 0 and become the “first undefeated World Champion in the history of the sport”.

Goldberg would become one of the best homegrown stars in WCW during the Monday Night Wars. While his move set was limited, his finisher was dynamic. As was the case with Kevin Nash’s Powerbomb, Goldberg Jackhammering The Giant looked superhuman to fans.

2 Ric Flair’s Figure Four Leg Lock

Ric Flair’s Figure Four Is One Of The Best Submission Finishers Of All Time

  • Ric Flair’s Figure Four is one of the most popular finishers in wrestling history.
  • Nobody can perform the Figure Four the way Flair did, in terms of spectacle.
  • It was one of the most exciting moves in WCW.

Many wrestlers have tried to use the Figure Four submission, yet no one has made it as famous as the Nature Boy Ric Flair. The former 16-time Champion of the World would clamp on the Figure Four Leg Lock as his finisher. The move has become iconic, and is copied not just by professional wrestlers, but fans alike.


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When Ric Flair made his entrance and walked that aisle, he always did so wearing the most lavish, beautiful robes.

Everyone tries the Figure Four at least once. Flair would see his daughter, Charlotte add on to the Figure Four, by adding a bridge and naming it the Figure Eight. Yet, in WCW history, Flair’s Figure Four was the ultimate version.

1 Sting’s Scorpion Death Lock

Sting’s Finisher Is The Counterpart Of Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter

Sting vs Bret Hart

  • Sting’s Scorpion Death Lock was one of the coolest finishers in WCW history.
  • This submission move helped him capture seven World Titles.
  • Fans usually argue about what finisher is better; the Scorpion Death Lock or The Sharpshooter.

Many fans would argue that Sting’s Scorpion Death Lock should be on this list, yet true WCW fans recognize the Scorpion Death Lock as the Stinger’s finisher. The submission move used by Sting would help him capture seven WCW/NWA World Heavyweight Championships and become the Franchise of World Championship Wrestling.

The rise of the Scorpion Death Lock, along with Bret Hitman Hart popularizing the Sharpshooter, helped greatly in popularizing it . Which performer applied the hold better? Well, in WCW it was the man called Sting.

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