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Best Wrestlers The Undertaker Never Faced In WWE

The Undertaker is one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time, being someone who had a lengthy career and was able to face some of the biggest names in the company’s history. His career spanned several decades, allowing him to mix it up with a great variety of wrestlers.


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The Undertaker kept himself relevant by making necessary changes to his look, and while they didn’t all get over, there were plenty that were iconic.

That’s something that helped his career to be as exciting as possible because it led to lots of fantastic encounters taking place. However, even though the Deadman got to compete against so many legendary people there are still some top stars that he never got to share the ring with in WWE.

10 WWE Teased A Match With Wade Barrett

When Could It Have Happened: WrestleMania 27

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2006 – 2016 / 2020 – Present

5x Intercontinental Champion

Wade Barrett might not have been able to sustain his main event push, but there was a period when the idea of him facing The Undertaker was a real possibility. Nexus had attacked the Deadman to cost him a buried alive match against Kane, and most fans thought it was inevitable he would feud with Barrett upon his return.

The match between them could easily have happened at WrestleMania 27, as Barrett was certainly at a point where fans wouldn’t have bitten an eyelid about that idea. However, WWE went with different plans and instead, they never faced each other at all.

9 Braun Strowman Could’ve Benefited From Facing The Undertaker

When Could It Have Happened: WrestleMania 33

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2013 – 2021/ 2022 – Present

  • 1x Universal Champion
  • 1x Intercontinental Champion
  • 2x Raw Tag Team Champion

WWE opted to go with Roman Reigns as The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 33 opponent, but at one point Braun Strowman was rumored to be taking up that role. He had just joined the main roster as part of The Wyatt Family, therefore it could’ve been easy for a storyline to be put together for them.


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Strowman was rumored to be facing Undertaker at one stage, and it certainly would’ve been beneficial to a young Strowman. He turned into a great performer, therefore having this early on would have made him a top star early on, but instead, they never competed against each other.

8 Sheamus Would’ve Given The Undertaker A Physical Bout

When Could It Have Happened: Sheamus’ WWE Championship Run In 2009

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2006 – Present

  • 3x WWE Champion
  • 1x World Heavyweight Champion
  • 3x United States Champion

Sheamus has always been heavily featured in WWE from the moment he arrived, which is why he’s one of the most decorated stars of the modern era. The idea of him facing The Undertaker might not be as much of a mainstream bout as some others, but there’s no doubt that it would have been entertaining.

Sheamus has had several periods where he’s been a top heel in the business, which could have led to this encounter happening. Putting it on a smaller PLE would’ve made sense if it had ever happened, in what would have been a hard-hitting match.

7 Andre The Giant Would’ve Created A Spectacle

When Could It Have Happened: 1991 Before Andre Departed WWE


WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

1984 – 1991

  • 1x WWE Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x WWE Tag Team Champion

Andre The Giant is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, and someone who commanded attention whenever he appeared due to his size. While he wasn’t competing at the highest level when he shared a roster with The Undertaker due to his health, it still would’ve been a spectacle to see two wrestlers of their size competing.

Andre could have put over the Deadman which would’ve been massively beneficial to him. Unfortunately, WWE never booked it and this dream encounter didn’t take place.

6 The Undertaker Wishes He’d Have Faced The Fiend

When Could It Have Happened: WrestleMania 37

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2019 – 2021 (Fiend gimmick)

2x Universal Champion

The Undertaker has technically faced Bray Wyatt, but The Fiend was a completely different entity that he didn’t interact with. It’s an obvious match as to why people would have wanted to see it because the two over-the-top characters would have created a compelling story.

Undertaker could potentially have pushed himself to have one more match at the back end of his career, possibly to retire in front of a live crowd. However, he wrapped things up too soon, and this match then never happened, even though he admitted he’d have liked the match.

5 Finn Balor Could’ve Brought The Demon

When Could It Have Happened: Anytime Between 2017 & 2020

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2014 – Present

  • 1x Universal Champion
  • 2x NXT Champion
  • 2x Intercontinental Champion

Finn Balor is a brilliant wrestler, and his style could’ve worked nicely against The Undertaker at a later stage in The Deadman’s career. Allowing ‘Taker to simply be a base for Balor’s striking ability it could have created something compelling to watch.


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Of course, WWE could have very easily marketed The Demon vs. The Phenom, as that’s the type of encounter that sells itself. The visuals alone would’ve made this an intriguing match to watch from a fan perspective.

4 Samoa Joe Never Competed Against The Deadman

When Could It Have Happened: Survivor Series 2017

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2015 – 2022

3x NXT Champion 2x United States Champion

Samoa Joe is a match that fans dreamed of seeing for The Undertaker when he was dominating in TNA, so the fact it could have happened and didn’t is disappointing to many fans. While Joe wasn’t always booked brilliantly in WWE, his initial push on the main roster was great.

Coming off his work against Brock Lesnar is when WWE could’ve given fans this dream encounter as it would have been a hard-hitting match that would also have told a great story throughout.

3 Daniel Bryan Would’ve Created A Great Encounter

When Could It Have Happened: During “The Planet’s Champion” Daniel Bryan Run

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2009 – 2021

  • 4x WWE Champion
  • 1x World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x United States Champion

Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, therefore the idea that he never competed against The Undertaker is a real shame. The two men could’ve put on a classic as Bryan worked well against bigger wrestlers and vice-versa, and that is why fans would’ve enjoyed watching it.

While they teamed together once to face The Shield, they never went against each other. Bryan was a compelling heel several times in his career, and his late Planet’s Champion run could have produced a compelling match between them.

2 Randy Savage Would’ve Brought A Lot Of Personality

When Could It Have Happened: During Savage’s Feud With Jake Roberts

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

1985 – 1994

  • 2x WWE Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Intercontinental Champion

Randy Savage is one of the biggest names that The Undertaker never stepped into the ring against, which is surprising considering they were both top stars at the same time. Savage also had the perfect babyface gimmick to compare against the darker side of the Phenom, had WWE gone down that road.


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There was an obvious chance for this to happen too given that Undertaker did get involved in Savage’s feud with Jake Roberts. He put a snake inside a wedding present for Savage and Miss Elizabeth and then attacked Roberts, but a match never materialized.

1 Sting Was A Dream Opponent For Undertaker In The Eyes Of The Fans

When Could It Have Happened: WrestleMania 31

WWE Tenure

Notable Titles

2014 – 2020

N/A (in WWE)

Out of all the wrestlers The Undertaker never faced, Sting is arguably the biggest missed opportunity. Sting was a legendary figure who had been one of WCW’s biggest stars, and was also a dream opponent for The Undertaker because of their similarities in character and the loyalty they showed to their respective companies.

When Sting finally joined WWE most people thought it was obvious that this match would end up being booked. However, WWE ended up booking Sting against Triple H and the opportunity was missed, with the encounter never happening.

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