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Best WWE Talkers Right Now

In an environment such as WWE where sports entertainment is more of a priority than “pro wrestling” it is hugely important to have charisma and mic skills, on top of in-ring ability and good looks.


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When looking at the current WWE roster, there are a whole load of talented talkers, but ranking them based on their promo ability is certainly a tough thing to do. Much of this will come down to taste and the preferred style of promo, but here are arguably the ten best talkers in WWE right now, ranked on their current form and their promo ability.

10 Sami Zayn Is One Of The Most Underrated Talkers In WWE

Sami Zayn Is Up There With The Best

  • Sami Zayn isn’t often in the conversation for best talkers
  • In the last two years, Zayn has proved himself worthy of being amongst the best
  • Zayn has played a variety of roles and deliver different forms of promos

Sami Zayn’s last two years or so in WWE has seen him emerge as one of the most gifted overall talents that the company has on its roster. Zayn can play a comedic heel, a sympathetic babyface, an impassioned underdog, and so much more, all of which has been on show in recent times. All of this saw a wave of popularity form towards Zayn from the audience, and all of this was down to his ability to talk and play a character.

Rollins Is World Class In The Ring And Backs It Up On The Mic

  • Seth Rollins has an acquired taste with his promos occasionally
  • Rollins has shown great promo work as both a good guy and bad guy
  • He has gotten better over the years

Seth Rollins is someone who can always be counted on to deliver a good promo. In the last year especially as World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins has managed to retain his arrogance and personality whilst also appeasing the audience and coming across as a likable babyface. Achieving both of these in WWE can sometimes be a very hard task, but Rollins has pulled it off. He can be scathing, real and down to earth, bombastic and eccentric, and any other descriptor you can think of, as he always shows great depth in his promo work.

8 Gunther Has Gotten Better And Better On The Mic In WWE

Gunther’s Time As Intercontinental Champion Has Brought Out His Promo Ability

  • Gunther’s in-ring work is renowned
  • His promo work over the last two years has improved tremendously
  • He is now one of the best promos in WWE

Prior to coming up to the main roster, Gunther wasn’t really renowned for his work on the mic, with him doing most of his talking when he wrestled. However, during his record-breaking reign as the Intercontinental Champion, Gunther’s promo ability has shot through the roof. He carries so much aura and arrogance, speaking with confidence and intent to make him not only one of the most fearless on the roster, but one of the most real too. He may be a heel, but his promo work allows him to feel authentic too. Every word out of his mouth has meaning, and for someone who speaks with an accent and whose first language isn’t English in WWE, the amount of time he has been handed on the mic and how good he has become is unprecedented in the company.

7 Cody Rhodes Is The Most Impassioned Talker In WWE

Rhodes Connects With The Audience Through His Promos

  • Cody Rhodes’ babyface promos are among the best in WWE
  • Rhodes has his own distinct style of promo
  • His great promo work has been on show for years


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Cody Rhodes’ delivery is certainly unique, with him often emphasizing certain words and using a range of vocabulary, but it is a style that works very well. In WWE, Rhodes has given some passionate promos and wonderful speeches to help sell matches and get the crowd invested in every word he says and get behind him. It may not be for everyone, but Rhodes is still one of the best talkers on the entire WWE roster today, and that is one of the many reasons why his momentum as a babyface has been ongoing ever since he returned to WWE in 2022.

6 Becky Lynch Is Miles Above Everyone Else In WWE’s Women’s Division

Lynch Has Been A Great Talker For Years Now

  • Ever since becoming “The Man”, Becky Lynch has cut great promos
  • She has shown talents as both a heel and babyface on the mic
  • Lynch is still delivering fantastic promos

Becky Lynch is someone who can go from not having too much momentum to getting herself hugely over in the space of five minutes on the microphone. She is someone who shows a lot of passion and fire on the microphone, connects with the audience through her attitude, and sells a match by showcasing her will to win and often hatred of her opponent. As “The Man” she found an instant connection to the audience with her promos, and as “Big Time Becks” she showcased a lot more aura and arrogance, which was great too.

5 CM Punk Has Always Been A Top Class Talker In Wrestling

Punk’s Has Been Great On The Mic Since Returning In 2021

  • CM Punk’s promo work in WWE saw him achieve legendary status
  • Punk returned to WWE in 2023
  • He was beginning to find his feet before getting injured

CM Punk may have only been back in WWE for a few months, but it is clear to see that he is still up there with the best talkers in WWE today. Although his first promo back didn’t sell fans entirely, his subsequent promos have been great with him shrugging off the dust on the WWE style of promo and bringing his own edge to it. His work in AEW was stellar, and when he comes back from injury it is easy to imagine that he once again carries himself like a pro on the microphone. It is hard to rank him any higher as of now due to not being back in WWE for one.

4 Kevin Owens Is Good At Everything In WWE

Owens Can Do Just About Anything

  • Kevin Owens has been one of WWE’s best talkers for years
  • He can do the work as both a heel and babyface
  • Owens is dependable to sell a story

There aren’t many who have been as consistently good over the last decade in WWE as Kevin Owens. No matter what, he can be trusted upon to create a great storyline, make gold from nothing, and sell feuds. Whether it be a main event feud with The Bloodline, going back and forth with Elias pretending to be his brother, or anything in between, Owens’ mic work is fantastic. He comes across as one of the more raw and authentic personalities

3 Drew McIntyre’s Heel Turn Has Brought Incredible Mic Work

McIntyre Has Unlocked His Finest Form In WWE

  • Drew McIntyre has always been comfortable on the mic
  • He somewhat lost his way as a babyface
  • His promos have been a highlight of WWE since turning heel

At the back end of 2023, Drew McIntyre found his form again. A heel turn brought about a wonderful rebirth, and with that has come some of the best mic work in WWE today. McIntyre’s promos are full of authentic personality, nuance, and personality. Out of everyone in WWE, McIntyre’s current promos feel the most real and the least scripted, which is a testament to how strong of a talker he is. McIntyre has natural charisma and his acting ability has been proven to be top class in the last few months.

2 Paul Heyman Is One Of The Best Managers In WWE History

Heyman Can Sell Anything On The Mic

  • Paul Heyman is currently the “Wise Man” For Roman Reigns
  • Heyman’s promo ability has been world class for decades
  • He is regarded as one of the best managers ever

WWE isn’t too heavy on managers in the modern day, but Paul Heyman is clearly too good to overlook. On the mic, Heyman can sell any match and any wrestler, and he has been pivotal to building Roman Reigns’ matches over the last two years, especially now with The Tribal Chief’s part time WWE schedule.


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Heyman shows so much range on the mic, and his character work is absolutely phenomenal. He may not be an in-ring performer, but Heyman is one of WWE’s best talkers.

1 Roman Reigns Is Arguably WWE’s Best Talker Today

“The Tribal Chief” Is Effortless On The Mic

  • Ever since turning heel, Roman Reigns’ promo ability has skyrocketed
  • As a babyface, you could have listed Reigns amongst the worst talkers
  • He is WWE’s best character and storyteller

Even though Roman Reigns might be on WWE television less frequently, he maximizes his minutes and is always on top form when he is present. His facial expressions, his delivery, and the depth during his promos are always top notch, and fans hang on every word he says. Reigns has the ability to show cockiness, aggression, intimidation, and fear, all of which transition from one another seamlessly. Many fans might be getting tired of his same old formula in terms of stories and matches, but there is no denying that he is still the best talker in WWE right now.

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