Tuesday, November 28

Beyoncé’s Bodyguard Goes Viral On The Internet For This Reason

The Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour is becoming a massive hit, with the superstar singing and dancing passionately on stage. However, a viral video from the concert has caught attention, showing Beyoncé’s bodyguard in a mute expression, and this clip is spreading like wildfire on Twitter.

“The security looked so impressed with that ‘Mute’,” a Twitter user humorously commented.

In the video, Beyoncé is performing “Energy,” and an incredibly viral moment occurs when she sings the line “Big wave in the room, the crowd gon’ move/Look around everybody on mute.” As the crowd goes silent, a security guard can be seen giving a subtle smirk of approval.

The video quickly gained widespread attention soon after it was posted.

However, the online world delved into the profile of the person who captured the video on social media and discovered his name is James Plaza, a professional bodybuilder.

Judging by his bio, Plaza has earned numerous accolades and awards through various competitions. He also shares clips from these competitions on his YouTube channel. Even though the competitions may be currently on hold, his dedication to maintaining his physique hasn’t wavered since landing the opportunity with Beyoncé.

Back in April, he posted a progress photo alongside a note explaining why he wouldn’t be showcasing his physique on stage this year. He wrote, “Seeing people’s prep and post-show posts are killing me. I would love to compete this year but being away with work for most of the year means this physique will have to do for now… #bodybuilding #instamood #followforfollowback #dadbod #selfie #gymmotivation #maintenance #masterspro.”

In the previous month, Plaza shared a shirtless video of himself conquering the iconic Rocky steps in Philadelphia.

“Like a kid in a candy store, I grew up watching these movies so don’t mind me I’m just living a dream #rocky #rockybalboa #boxing #tourist #movies #80s #running #happy #smile,” he captioned the video, depicting him shirtless and energetically reenacting Sylvester Stallone’s character’s iconic first pump at the top of the stairs.

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