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Big News On The Vince McMahon Documentary Slated For Netflix


  • The Vince McMahon documentary on Netflix will not be influenced by McMahon himself, ensuring an unbiased and authentic portrayal of his controversial life and career.
  • Bill Simmons, the executive producer, confirmed that McMahon will have no control over the final editing of the project, making it a unique venture in the world of sports documentaries.
  • This highly-anticipated docuseries promises to provide wrestling enthusiasts with a revealing and unfiltered look into the life and times of the iconic figure behind WWE, offering the closest thing to the truth yet.

For WWE fans patiently waiting for the Netflix Vince McMahon documentary, there’s good news if you want authenticity and a real outside view of how Vince operated one of the biggest sports entertainment brands in the world for over 40 years. The iconic figure behind WWE, one who has lived a very controversial life, will not get any say in the final editing of the project.

The highly-anticipated docuseries about his life and career is set to premiere on Netflix at an undisclosed date. The revelation about how the final viewing will come together comes from Bill Simmons, the executive producer. He confirmed that McMahon will not have the ultimate say or authority to alter the content, despite his central role in the narrative.

Simmons, speaking at the Bloomberg Screentime event, shared his excitement about the project, describing it as the most promising endeavor he has ever been involved in. He highlighted the uniqueness of the series, emphasizing its adherence to an “old school” approach reminiscent of the acclaimed 30 for 30 documentaries. Simmons affirmed that Netflix will maintain the final cut authority, making it a distinctive venture in the world of sports documentaries.

This is good news for fans who want “the real” story and not one influenced by McMahon. It’s logical that he would want a number of things removed considering his legal troubles and allegations of a number of improper, unethical, and often illegal acts as the owner of WWE. Like his power in WWE under new ownership is dwindling, he will not have any significant control over the final product of the Netflix project.

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The collaboration between WWE and Netflix was first unveiled during WWE’s third-quarter 2020 financials call, creating buzz with the promise of an extraordinary and high-budget docuseries. Chris Smith, renowned for his work on the Netflix documentary “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,” was named the director, further heightening expectations surrounding the project. But, the documentary ran into a number of delays. Some of them may have had to do with recent allegations that came to light after the initial documentary was greenlit.

This Is Going To Be A Must-Watch

As wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of this groundbreaking docuseries, the absence of McMahon’s final say adds an intriguing layer of impartiality to the portrayal of his legendary legacy. Netflix subscribers and wrestling aficionados alike can prepare for a revealing and unfiltered glimpse into the life and times of the man behind the WWE empire. While we may never really know all that went on with McMahon, this has the makings of being the closest thing to the truth yet.

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