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Bret Hart’s Age, Height, Wife, Finisher

“The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be.” Bret Hart is considered by many to be the greatest professional wrestler of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. His resume as an in-ring talent is unmatched by anyone else from his era, and so many performers have taken inspiration from his work.


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‘The Hitman’ is an interesting character outside the ring too, with the Hart family being one of the most renowned wrestling dynasties. His life and career has been defined by his work in the ring though, with his legend seemingly growing as time moves forward.

8 Bret Hart Is 66 Years Old

He Was Born And Raised In Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Bret Hart Was Born On July 2, 1957, In Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • He Was One Of Twelve Siblings, Including His Brother Owen Hart

Bret’s life in wrestling began when he was born, as his father, Stu, was a famous Canadian amateur and professional wrestler. Stu would become known as the patriarch of the Hart Dungeon, the famous wrestling school which produced talents like Chris Jericho, Christian and Edge, as well as Bret and Owen Hart, of course.

The Hart family also owned and operated the Stampede Wrestling promotion, which became one of Canada’s pre-eminent territories. This is where Bret would hone his craft before moving on to WWE in 1984, where he would be joined by Jim’ The Anvil’ Neidhart, forming the Hart Foundation.

7 Bret Was Billed At Being 6ft Tall

He Was also Weighed At 235 lb In His Prime

  • Bret Was At One Point Considered To Be An Undersized Performer Within The Business
  • He Helped Change The Standards Of What A Top Guy Needed To Be In Wrestling

‘The Hitman’ always looked like a million bucks during his wrestling career, with his trademark pink and black colorway going some way to making him be more marketable as a superstar. Before he became a multiple-time world champion, there was a time when Bret was not what would be typically considered a top guy in WWE.

For years, WWE pushed the most physically impressive stars of the era, like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior, as their figureheads, but Bret was nowhere near the size of his predecessors. Everything else about Bret screamed megastar though, and he was not at all a small presence, being 6 ft tall, weighing in at 235 lb.

His athleticism and work rate inside the ring raised the standard for what beng a top champion within WWE had to be.

6 ‘The Hitman’ Has Been Married Three Times

Bret Also Has Four Children With His First Wife, Julie

  • Hart Was Married To His First Wife, Julie Smadu, For 20 Years, Divorcing in 2002
  • He Had Four Children With Julie, Named Blade, Dallas, Alexandra, And Jade

Bret Hart documents the ups and downs of his relationship with his first wife Julie in his book Hitman, which involved a lot of infidelity on his part. They had four children together before separating in 1998, eventually divorcing in 2002 just hours before Bret suffered his debilitating stroke.


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Hart would marry his second wife, Cinzia Rota, in 2004 but would divorce her in 2007 after failing to agree on a place to live together. He is now married to Stephanie Washington, having been together since 2010. Bret is also a grandfather with both of his daughters having children of their own.

5 The Sharpshooter Is Hart’s Finisher

Bret Popularised The Scorpion Hold Alongside Sting

  • Bret Hart And Sting Popularized The Sasori-Gatame, A Move Invented By Japanese Legend Riki Choshu
  • Bret Called The Move A Sharpshooter, Whilst Sting Called It A Scorpion Death lock

‘The Excellence of Execution’ had a number of famous maneuvers in his vast arsenal, including his sternum-first turnbuckle bump and the figure-four leg lock around the ring post. The most famous move in Hart’s arsenal is, of course, the Sharpshooter, a devastating submission move he used to win multiple world titles.

The move was used concurrently by Sting in WCW, which he called the Scorpion Death Lock, in which he would utilize a standing variation of the hold. Both men can thank the Japanese wrestling legend, Riki Choshu, who invented the move which would go on to also serve the likes of Edge and The Rock.

One of the most famous uses of the Sharpshooter unfortunately came at the expense of Hart during the Montreal Screwjob, where his arch-rival Shawn Michaels applied his signature hold to end Bret’s WWE tenure.

4 Hart Has Continued To Make An Impact Outside Of Wrestling

He Has Helped Found A Hockey Team And Contributed To Many Charities

  • Bret Hart Was One Of The Founding Investors For The Calgary Hitmen, A Major Junior Ice Hockey Team
  • He Has Also Spent Time Raising Awareness Of Cancer And Stroke Recovery After His Own Health Issues

Bret has not stayed in the limelight after his retirement compared to many of his contemporaries, seemingly moving away from the wrestling industry to help out his local community. For instance, he lent his ‘Hitman’ moniker to a junior hockey team in his native Calgary, whilst also writing a weekly column in the Calgary Sun newspaper.

Perhaps his most notable contributions outside the ring have been to charitable efforts, particularly towards stroke recovery and cancer awareness. The aforementioned stroke which ended Bret’s career in 2002 and his battle with prostate cancer in 2016 have been key moments in his life, and he has been keen to raise awareness for these issues.

3 Bret Hart Never Got A Storybook Retirement

One Of Wrestling’s All-Time Greats Went Out With A Whimper

  • Bret Had To Retire In 2000 After His Matches With Goldberg Left Him With Post-Concusion Syndrome
  • His Concussion Issues Would Lead To Him Having A Life-Changing Stroke In 2002.

Unfortunately, after Bret left WWE for WCW in 1997, it was clear that ‘The Hitman’ was out of his depth in the new promotion. The craziness and politicized nature of WCW would eventually undo all the good work that had put the company above WWE at one point, which would also affect Hart.


10 Backstage Tales About Bret Hart Fans Should Know

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His in-ring career would end rather abruptly too, after a series of concussions he received in matches against Goldberg left him unable to compete. Hart was unceremoniously released by WCW in 2000, announcing his retirement a week later. Bret has gone on record many times since his career ended, blaming Goldberg for being too reckless.

2 ‘The Hitman’ Is One Of Wrestling’s Most Decorated Stars

Bret Is A Multiple Time World Champion

  • Bret Hart Is A Seven-Time World Champion Across His Time In WWE And WCW
  • He Won His First World Title In October 1992 By Defeating Ric Flair For The WWE Championship

Most wrestling fans of a certain vintage or knowledge will agree that Bret Hart is one of, if not the greatest WWE Champions of all time. His time carrying the belt during the ‘New Generation Era’ made him one of the most iconic champions in wrestling history, making the WWE title to become the most prestigious title in the world.

His five world title reigns in WWE were defined by his willingness to be a fighting champion, showing everyone that he was the top worker in the business. Bret’s time as a world champion in WCW is a lot less memorable in truth, as he had to contend with the aforementioned chaos that came with the promotion at the time.

1 Hart’s Ultimate Legacy Is His In-Ring Excellence

Bret’s Matches Stand Up Today As Some Of The Best Of All Time

  • Hart Was Part Of Some Of Wrestling’s Best Ever Matches, Particularly During His Time In WWE
  • His Contests Against Steve Austin, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, And Mr. Perfect Stand Out Among Others

It is too difficult to put all of Bret Hart’s best matches into one entry, as almost every match he was in was memorable. Hart put so much thought into every match he was in, always making sure that the guy opposing him looked just as good as he did.

His matches against Steve Austin and brother Owen were perhaps is very best, as the emotion and technical quality of the bouts were outstanding to witness. Bret also showed his generalship by being able to carry people to great matches, with his best effort being against an almost incapacitated British Bulldog at SummerSlam 1992.

Hart’s workmanlike character was very much embodied by his in-ring prowess, as nobody made wrestling look like an art built on effort like ‘The Hitman.’

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