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Brock Lesnar Among Notable Superstars Missing From WWE 2K24’s “Full Roster”

The release of WWE 2K24 is now only two weeks away, and with the wait almost over, its creators decided to reveal the entire launch roster for the game. Teasing the announcement on Wednesday morning, 2K shared a list of what it previously claimed to be everyone who will be in the game when released, including Superstars past and present as well as a few wrestlers making their debuts. However, a closer look at the roster quickly revealed there are some notable names missing.

Notable Omissions

The first name a lot of fans would have looked for when checking the full roster for the first time is Brock Lesnar, and as some might have expected, his name is nowhere to be seen. 2K removed Lesnar from the cover of the upcoming game’s 40 Years Of WrestleMania Edition in light of the Superstar’s alleged implication in the lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon. There was also no sign of The Beast in the trailer for this year’s showcase mode.


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At first, that seemed like confirmation Lesnar won’t be in the game. However, other names missing from the roster suggest this isn’t the finished article after all. Chief among the omissions is Drew McIntyre. It’s unclear why McIntyre hasn’t been included in a list 2K was claiming to be the full roster, although there are a couple of potential possibilities. Either there are more announcements to make, or McIntyre’s contract status – he reportedly hasn’t re-upped his deal with WWE which expires this year – led WWE to leave him out of the game, maybe with plans to add him via DLC should sign a deal soon.

CM Punk Not Included

CM Punk is also missing from the roster, although his inclusion in the game was always going to be a close-run thing. Having only returned to WWE at Survivor Series, it’s likely Punk signed after the roster for this year’s game had already been finalized. Like McIntyre, there’s a chance Punk is added post-launch. Also missing are Ken Shamrock, George Steele, and Ricky Steamboat, three legends who have been shown in footage from the game, but of the omissions listed so far, the trio is the most likely to be saved for DLC.

Also missing from the roster is Vince McMahon, the one omission it’s probably safe to assume won’t be playable in this year’s game regardless of what the situation is. WWE is already mentioning the former chairman less and less following the filing of a lawsuit alleging McMahon sexually assaulted and trafficked former employee Janel Grant over many years.

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