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Brock Lesnar Pulled From WWE Game Amidst Uncertain WWE Future


  • Brock Lesnar’s future in WWE is uncertain due to the sexual trafficking allegations involving Vince McMahon, resulting in his removal from the Royal Rumble and the 2K Supercard game.
  • WWE is actively distancing itself from Lesnar and others linked to the controversy, potentially impacting his involvement in future projects and merchandise.
  • Unless cleared of the allegations, Lesnar’s return to WWE seems highly unlikely, and the company is taking no chances with his association while awaiting further developments in the legal saga.

Amidst the unfolding legal controversy involving WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the sexual trafficking allegations brought forward by Janel Grant, Brock Lesnar’s future in the WWE has taken an uncertain turn. The repercussions of these allegations have already impacted Lesnar’s recent absence from the 2024 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match. It also looks like he’s out for WrestleMania. Now, it appears his standing in WWE-related products and merchandise has been impacted as he’s being removed from a game.

PWInsider reports confirm Lesnar’s removal from the online 2K Supercard Digital Collectible Game. The company seems to be following WWE’s lead in minimizing Lesnar’s presence across various platforms, at least while his name is still linked to the lawsuit. The decision to downplay or even remove Lesnar from future projects, as mentioned by sources, extends beyond the Supercard game, potentially impacting other licensees.


Latest Update On Brock Lesnar’s Status With WWE

WWE fans anxious to see Brock Lesnar will be waiting for a very long time before he makes a potential return.

Lesnar’s link to the lawsuit filed by Janel Grant alleges disturbing details, claiming McMahon’s involvement in sexual assault, abuse, degradation, and trafficking. Grant further contends that McMahon offered her sexual services to Lesnar as a negotiating tactic. While nothing has yet to be proven, Lesnar, who was set to return to WWE programming, was abruptly removed from the Royal Rumble. He was replaced by Bron Breakker.

Despite Lesnar’s significant role in WWE, uncertainties linger. The gravity of the allegations has cast a shadow on Lesnar’s future involvement in WWE. Lesnar’s silence since the lawsuit news raises questions. WWE under endeavor is not about to take a risk, despite his drawing power for some fans.

Brock Lesnar WWE Champion Super ShowDown 2020 5th Reign Cropped

WWE Is Not Taking Any Chances With Lesnar Or Others Linked To This

Unless cleared of this, it doesn’t look like Lesnar will be back anytime soon. With WWE taking immediate action, removing Lesnar from the Royal Rumble and 2K’s digital collectible game, it remains to be seen how extensively Lesnar will be downplayed or excluded in future projects. It seems WWE’s approach is to distance him from the company and wait until the time comes to make an ultimate decision.

The unfolding legal saga has not only disrupted Lesnar’s expected return but has also injected uncertainty into the gaming landscape, with potential repercussions for the release of WWE 2K24. As the situation develops, it will be fascinating to see how far this company’s decision to erase him goes.

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