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Brock Lesnar’s Wrestling Looks

Brock Lesnar has always provided an intimidating presence simply due to his physical stature, and that’s something that has carried him throughout his career in wrestling. He hasn’t had to rely upon the glitz and glamour of fancy ring gear and aesthetics in the same way that many others have, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had a variety of different looks.



10 Backstage Tales About Brock Lesnar Fans Should Know

WWE fans want to learn about Brock Lesnar and what he is truly like behind the scenes, especially because he’s so private.

No wrestler maintains the same look throughout their careers as it can lead to them getting stale, and Lesnar has made the right level of tweaks at times to ensure that didn’t happen. Some of his looks have ended up being forgettable, while others have proven to be popular amongst fans and have added to his overall character.

9 His NJPW Run Was Forgettable

This Was His Final Stop Before UFC

Brock Lesnar with Antonio Inoki Cropped

  • Lesnar debuted in NJPW in 2005
  • He is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion

A lot of wrestling fans presume that Brock Lesnar has only ever worked for WWE when it comes to his wrestling career, but that’s not the case. After his first run with WWE, he moved across to Japan and spent time with New Japan Pro-Wrestling where he switched his look up.

However, it wasn’t a great one for him as he opted to wear red trunks and red boots. It wasn’t a strong look and it didn’t suit him overall, which is not a surprise that most fans don’t recall it.

8 The Beast Originally Had Some Color In OVW

He Was Part Of A Historic OVW Class

Another look that Brock Lesnar had where he opted to add a lot of color to his ring gear was during his time in OVW. Of course, this was right at the start of his career, so it isn’t a big surprise that he had a very basic look when it came to his ring gear.


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He typically wore maroon trunks at this point, which is something that most people don’t associate with him. Lesnar also had a singlet for a while during his tag team run with Shelton Benjamin.

7 The Next Big Thing Was A Simple Look

Lesnar Debuted On The Main Roster In 2002

  • His first appearance was on Raw, 3/18/02
  • He was dubbed the Next Big Thing by Paul Heyman

When Brock Lesnar first made his move to the main roster he made an instant impression due to his size and strength. However, his overall appearance was extremely basic at this point, not providing anything for people to recall for any reason.

He opted to wear all black with no frills at this point in his career. While it allowed his in-ring work to be the focal point at this point in his career, it wasn’t a look that fans would recall.

6 His WWE Return Brought UFC Vibes

He Returned To WWE In 2012

  • His first match was against John Cena at Extreme Rules, 2012
  • Lesnar has maintained this in-ring style ever since

When Brock Lesnar returned to WWE following his stint with UFC he brought a much different look than before. He decided to wear bigger shorts, rather than trunks, and much like they do in UFC he was able to fill them with different sponsors.

On top of that, Lesnar decided to wear gloves when he performed, which allowed him to create an intimidating spot when he looked to take them off. He also had more tattoos at this point, which brought a different look that was much better.

5 The Viking Bun Was Intimidating

This Was A Major Switch In Hairstyle

  • He changed his hair as his children dared him to
  • Lesnar opted to go for a ponytail and shaved sides and back of his head

Brock Lesnar has always had a standard haircut until 2021, when he decided to bust out a completely different look that nobody saw coming. He rocked his own version of the man bun, growing out a ponytail while shaving the rest of his head.


13 Things WWE Fans Get Wrong About Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover, and that it’s easy to get some things wrong about his wrestling career.

While most wrestlers wouldn’t have gotten away with this look, when it came to Lesnar it ended up being something that added to his character and made his aura grow.

4 Money In The Bank Brock Brought A New Side To Him

Lesnar Even Showcased Some Dance Moves During This Run

brock lesnar pretending his money in the bank briefcase is a boombox
via WWE

When He Won It

MITB Participants

Cash In Date

Money In The Bank, 2019

Ali, Andrade, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Randy Orton, Ricochet

Extreme Rules, 2019 (Against Seth Rollins)

For the majority of his career, Brock Lesnar was showcased in a very serious manner, and that led to a lot of fans not believing that he could be comedic. That isn’t the case though as Lesnar can be very funny, which he showcased during his run as the Money in the Bank holder.

Rather than just walking with the briefcase he decided to turn it into a boombox, bringing a much more energetic edge to his personality with a different look that was a lot of fun for the fans.

3 The Evil Cowboy Caught The Eye

Lesnar Brought A Darker Look

Brock Lesnar’s decision to embrace his genuine personality was a wise one when it came to enhancing his appearance as it helped to make him stand out even more. When he decided to turn heel by attacking Cody Rhodes the Beast brought a darker side to this version of himself.

It created a brilliant look, particularly when he started bringing out the long trenchcoat, as it managed to make him even more intimidating than usual.

2 The Final Boss Version Of Lesnar Was Iconic

This Was His Most Dominating Period In Wrestling

When it comes to the version that fans are most familiar with when it comes to Brock Lesnar it is this. Seeing him wear his classic black shorts with various logos on, often adding one of his merchandise t-shirts at the same time to complete the look, it was basic but it suited him.


7 Things Fans Should Know About The Kurt Angle Vs. Brock Lesnar Rivalry

One of the best feuds during WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era featured Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Lesnar always kept his hair short with this look, and it is how he appeared when dominating the main event scene as WWE and Universal Champion, with the overall appearance helping him get over.

1 Babyface Cowboy Was A Hit

This Is The Closest To The Real Brock Lesnar

  • He began sporting this look at SummerSlam, 2021
  • Lesnar initially worked in a babyface role with the character

Away from the ring, Brock Lesnar tends to be a private person so there’s not a lot that people know about him. However, the one thing that fans do know is that Lesnar lives a true cowboy lifestyle, being someone who enjoys hunting, fishing, and living a remote lifestyle.

Therefore, when he began dressing that way in WWE it was something that fans appreciated. It was a big deal to see him change up his look so much, and Lesnar was able to thrive in this way considering it was an easy gimmick for him to buy into.

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