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Bruce Prichard’s Long-Standing Relationship With Vince McMahon, Explored


  • Bruce Prichard – key WWE figure since 1987
  • Known as Brother Love, then shifted to backstage
  • Fired multiple times but always brought back by McMahon

While on-screen Bruce Prichard may not have been an important name, but his behind-the-scenes role involved several major duties at times. Prichard first started working for WWE back in the late ‘80s. At that time, he was only an announcer.

On television, he was known as Brother Love. He was the one to introduce The Undertaker to wrestling fans. Over the years, Prichard’s on-screen roles were reduced, and he shifted his attention to managing the product from behind the scenes. He is often referred to as Vince McMahon’s right-hand man, but fans may not know about their relationship that well.


10 Things WWE Fans Should Know About Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard has been a vital part of WWE for decades, and there’s a lot that fans should know about him.

Bruce Prichard Was Hired By Vince McMahon In 1987

Bruce Prichard Joined WWE As An Announcer

  • Bruce Prichard was known as Brother Love on WWE TV
  • Bruce Prichard is still employed by WWE
  • Bruce Prichard is 60 years old

Bruce Prichard first signed a WWE contract in 1987, and was part of the announcing team. Although he was not a regular commentator, he started getting consistent screen-time when he debuted Brother Love on television. He would host The Brother Love Show, where he would put over heel wrestlers, and sometimes even use his curing powers to do miracles.

After working for WWE for some time, Prichard started working behind the scenes as well. Due to his increasing closeness with Vince McMahon, he became part of the creative team. In 1990, Prichard started managing The Undertaker and while he may not have been as popular as Paul Bearer, the latter would not have gotten aligned with Undertaker at all if it was not for Prichard.

His backstage role required him to be more present there, and working as an on-screen character along with his duties as a producer was not sustainable. McMahon gave him the choice of continuing to work as Undertaker’s manager, or work backstage. Prichard enjoyed working behind the cameras more. He said on his Something To Wrestling With podcast:

“I was given the choice to go on the road full time as Undertaker’s manager and continue the Brother Love character, or we can give up the Brother Love character and bring in Percy Pringle in as Paul Bearer and I would continue to do my stuff backstage, the choice was mine. And I chose behind the scenes, I loved producing and I chose that.” (h/t
Wrestling Inc

Bruce Prichard Was Fired From WWE Many Times

Vince McMahon Kept Bringing Bruce Prichard Back

Conrad Thompson And Bruce Prichard

On Something to Wrestle With, he talked about his firing from WWE in 1991. Prichard revealed that he was not getting along with people behind the scenes, and one of them was John Filippelli — a former WWE Executive. He was brought back to WWE the next year, though. Prichard did not think he would return to the company this soon. How did he return this fast? In his own words, this happened after a near-life-ending moment, after which he called Vince McMahon and told him about it. Sometime later, McMahon called him back to set up a meeting, but Prichard had already received a job offer from WCW. It should be noted that, at that time, no job was on the table from WWE, but after this conversation, McMahon offered him one.


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When Bruce tried to contact WCW to discuss this, they did not get back to him, and after that, he made up his mind to return to WWE. Because he had issues with many people during his first stint, Vince told him that he would only interact with him and Pat Patterson backstage.

His next release came in 2008, once again because he could not work well with someone backstage. This time, his issues were with Stephanie McMahon. There was also an incident where he brought a gun to his workplace. Stephanie asked him to leave, and some days later he was fired.

Bruce Prichard Was Brought Back To WWE In 2019

Bruce Prichard Worked As The Executive Director Of Raw & SmackDown


Prichard did try to go back to WWE in 2013, but there was no role for him to fulfill at that time. He eventually returned in 2019. Later, he became the Executive Director of both Raw and SmackDown, and once again, became the most important figure in WWE that was not a McMahon. Recently on his podcast, he was asked to comment about the lawsuit from Jane Grant against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis, but he refused to say anything about it. He was also recently called out by Ronda Rousey for being Vince’s avatar.

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