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BTS Jungkook Reacts To Dating Rumors, Reveals Who Is His “Girlfriend”

bts jungkook reacts to dating rumors

BTS member and K-pop idol, Jungkook has finally broken his silence on the dating rumors. Jungkook who has often been the center of attention among his fans due to his personal life was recently rumored to be dating after a video of him with a girl went viral on social media. Reacting to the same the BTS idol finally revealed about his “girlfriend”, here’s what he said.

BTS Jungkook Breaks Silence On Dating Rumors

During his live fan interaction on Weverse, BTS idol Jungkook shared his reaction to the ongoing dating rumors. Quashing the rumors and dating speculations the idol revealed that he isn’t in any relationship and doesn’t have a girlfriend, so the fans and army don’t have to ask him questions like such.

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Jungkook then added that he only has his Army and that for him his ARMY is his only “girlfriend”. The idol stated that he felt better after confessing and asked his fans to spread his confession among the others. He told his fans that they could introduce him as their boyfriend, friend, brother, or family to others. 

Reacting to Jungkook’s live session a segment of netizens and fans came out and bashed the ARMY members for continuously asking the BTS idol about his personal life. A user tweeted, “people who keep commenting on this question since yesterday should shut their mouths up. you all are so annoying”, another user tweeted, “Whether he has a gf or not it’s none of ur business. Making him uncomfortable by asking personal questions forcing him to reveal his relationship status how low can you get.”

BTS Jungkook’s Viral Video With A Girl

For the unversed, the dating rumors about BTS idol Jungkook started spreading after a video went viral on social media claiming to have featured the idol in the video with a girl in a room. Reacting to the video, a segment of Jungkook’s fans from the ARMY said to take legal action against the video uploader. However, Jungkook publicly addressed the issue and asked the fans to not take any action since it would only give them more attention.

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